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How do Hindus celebrate Buddha Purnima?

Please don’t tell me that Hindus don’t worship The Buddha, some Hindus do so, since The Buddha was born, and raised, a Hindu, and some of his teachings have had an effect on Hinduism.


  1. â–º I forgot their names, but there are two types of Buddhism. Theravedism I believe is the one who denies that Buddha is god, which is the actual teaching of Buddha: Not to take him as a god.

  2. According to Hinduism, Buddha is one of the 10 re-incarnations or earthly avatars of Lord Vishnu.
    So Hindus never think of Buddhists as separate from themselves, really.
    But almost every day in the Hindu calender is marked for some or the other occasion. Only a few major ones (Diwali, Holi..) are now observed.
    Buddh Purnima is celebrated as many other Purnimas – considered auspicious.But special celebrations have become lost in the 100 mile per hour lifestyle.

  3. Joker:-(quote) don’t tell me that Hindus do not worship the Buddha”(en-quote).
    Hindus do respect THE Buddha–But HINDUS DO NOT OBSERVE Buddha Poornima.Buddha poornima known as :-
    “In Mahayana Buddhist traditions, the holiday is known by its Sanskrit equivalent, Vaiśākha. The word Vesak itself is the Sinhalese language word for the Pali variation, “Vesākha”. Vesak is also known as Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, (Hanamatsuri) in Japan, (fó dà n) in Chinese-speaking countries, Saga Dawa in Tibet, Visaka Bochea in Cambodia, Visakah Puja, Visakha Bucha in Thailand, Phật Đản in Vietnam, Waisak in Indonesia, Vesak (Wesak) in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The equivalent festival in Laos is called Visakha Boussa and in Myanmar is called Ka-sone-la-pyae .
    All are based SANSKRIT VAIZAAKAA—In Hindu Lunar calendar,which is also followed by Mahayana and Theravadha Buddhists–when the Full moon (appears to be) in the constellation VIZAAKAA {(Vizaakaa(constellation)=>Vaizaakaa(Month)} Buddha Poornima is celeberated..This custom was adopted by Buddhists,Jains,Sikhs from Hindus.The earliest was Vyaasa Poornima or Guru Poornima by Hindus in Aashaada Poornima.Ascetics’ passing away day is NOT celeberated as Zraardham but as Aaraadhana day.Hindu Guru(Vyasa)–Buddha Guru(Gauthama Buddha)–Sikh Guru (Guru Poorub)–VaiZaaka Poornima falls on May,08,2009(Hindu Lunar calendar is followed and NOT Gregorian calendar-so every year this day will change)–Guru Purnima in July 2009


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