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How do girls feel about having a guy in their yoga class?

I have to get a physical activity credit for my college degree. Im stuck with yoga because I signed up for classes too late. Im the only guy in my class. This doesn’t bother me, but do you think that my presence will bother everyone else? (Im not a perve or anything, I just want to get my degree).


  1. It would only bother me if you were looking at me in a sex appeal way. But other than that I would not have a problem with you.
    I think its kinda cool having a respectible guy in a yoga class.

  2. No, I don’t think it should bother them much 🙂 If it really does, then they must be really immature – in my Mum’s adult yoga class there are tons of guys! If anyone asks, just tell them the truth – its for your degree!
    Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it, loads of guys do yoga, and I mean, its not as if you care what they think, right? Right.
    Have fun, yoga is awesome!

  3. Most girls are interested in their class. Why do you think your being there would bother them? I would have no objection with a guy in my class. Everyone is there to learn and/or workout.


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