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How do ghosts tie into the theory of reincarnation?

Sceptics you’re welcome to post little time-wasters down here if you really want to, but it’s not going to change how I feel. Like at all.
So… I believe in “ghosts”, “spirits” whatever, because I’ve seen them. It’s hard to live on the site of a massacre without experiencing something paranormal.
But I’ve also had a couple past life regressions.
How do the two tie in together? If at all?


  1. Although unproven, such things are not impossible. I find it quite likely that something may be left behind when you die, or strong memories binding to objects.

  2. they died without fulfilling some sort of important task in their life…
    so they linger on Earth to try and fulfill their task or until someone else fulfills it for them
    not that i believe any of this stuff…

  3. Ghosts are usually demons pretending to be people who died to exploit and manipulate living people, Bottom line, they are a huge smokescreen to distract you from the gospel and keep you from the father of all spirits the true God.
    “It is appointed for man to die once and then comes judgment” Hebrews 9:27

  4. The ghosts are the ones you imagine during the night, and whatever religion you believe in is what you imagine during the day.

  5. Ghosts don’t easily tie in with any theory or religion. But there are still many possibilities! Maybe you become a ghost when you can’t disconnect from your previous life yet, and in order to move onto your next life you need to be freed? I think the notion of them being ‘stuck’ really makes most sense to me.

  6. Ghosts or spirits are real there have been many sightings and even real photos of them as well as many fake ones. But with so many witness statements and photos and stuff you can say they are real. But what does that mean? Do we have a “spirit” a “soul” that upon our death roams the earth in “limbo” or “purgatory” do we live our life like we did when we were alive with no conscious thought that we are dead like some people claim?
    I do not know but I do believe in Ghosts and Spirits and I am a Christian so although i believe we go to heaven or hell upon death i also believe that ghosts or spirits are people waiting to be judged by God or demonic beings sent by Satan himself.

  7. as you said, for you the unseen world is real. so the point is you guide you through all this tangled up mess over there!
    my answer to your question
    i think that spirit who come back to people on earth are in need for help.
    Psychics believing in a single incarnation describe a similar return of spirit helpers who work so closely with us that thoughts and feelings blend, causing the distinct impression of past lives.
    i don´t think that there is reincarnation. more likely that me (people on earth) are on a very same frequency. (background, interest etc.) so that i can help this spirit to grow and redeem his past mistakes.

  8. Ghosts are souls who do not know that they are dead.
    The soul is actually aware of it’s need to evolove and naturally progresses, helped by rituals like mourning and offerings to the dead, which help it realize that it’s dead.
    Natural progress involves living for a time in certain other planes, before being born again.
    Most ghosts are not malicious. They are simply behaving as they did in life (hateful, loving, jealous etc.) They behave the same way in the next life as humans as well.
    Maybe these ghosts when they move on and become humans, if they undergo past life regressions, they might remember being ghosts as well. I wonder if it’s been tried out.!!
    The ghosts are stuck and are unable to progress to the next life to the trauma/suddenness of death or strong desire tied to the material world.. They need help in the form of lots of prayers so that they can move on. That’s why in many religions, there is the tradition of praying for all people who are dead, not just relatives. To help everyone. Reading religious books like the Bhagavad Gita or whatever religion you believe in might help, along with a fortnight of mourning for those souls, preferably with pictures put up and crying and the whole thing might help them realize that it’s time to move on.


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