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How do dogs really communicate?

I know they bark, and that is a form of communication.. but how do they talk with each other? Or don’t they at all?
I heard a theory from a scientist in Arizona that they might have some sort of telepathy that enables them to chat and talk that way..?


  1. Dogs do most of their communication among themselves through body language and actions. I can spend hours just watching all of my dogs interact. It’s fascinating. If you are observant, you will learn to read your dogs’ body language and know when it is feeling insecure, frightened, stressed, happy, cautious, threatening, protective……and all other emotions.

  2. they use walkie talkies and secret codes, oh, and they also chat on yahoo !
    be careful since they have esp and they know you’ve been asking about them

  3. I agree with Gringo. Body language. My dogs crouch down in attack mode. They stance with their tail curved in defense mode. They wag their tails when they are happy. They lick each other (my suggestion of kissing). Etc…. Sure they communicate…better than most humans!

  4. They have little computers and go to a site named Yahoo. Then to “Questions” and they ask each other,,,,,,,I can tell your not buying this, well I tried!

  5. Scientist will never really know until some dog learns the English language and can tell us, I do know though that a lot of it is in the pitch of your voice, this is why people (especially women) get annoyed when they are shouting at their dogs and the dog just runs around getting all exited, when we shout our voices tend to get louder and higher, especially if we are anxious, which to a dog is a good sound, it means good things like play, but if you lower your voice and speak in a manner that is short and sharp, your dog is more likely to obey.
    Watch how your dogs “talk” to each other and look at what they are doing when they use certain sounds. It’s interesting.


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