Home Discussion Forum How do dead people live their lives in the astral world?

How do dead people live their lives in the astral world?


  1. Dead people can have lives? Don’t you…you know..have to be LIVING to LIVE a LIFE? Dead people lack these things.
    Also, provide evidence this astral world exists please.

  2. WTF is the astral world, and how on earth did you arrive at the conclusion it exists?
    The undead? It sounds like a zombie apocalypse to me.
    Hurr how do dead people live in the unicorn dimension, hurr

  3. your spirit self goes to the proper place in the spirit world.
    Ideally you go through different stages in your life.
    for around 10 month in mothers womb (in a way you are living in “water”!)
    for 80 to 100 years, your life here on earth. you breath air.
    after you will live for ever in the spirit world. it should be in an environment of Love and Peace.

  4. I don’t know, but I do believe that it is real, I think there is no time zone like there is on our world a life time to us could be a second to them, we will find out one day what goes on over there until them I don’t think we really need to worry about finding out the answers to that world we were put on this world for a reason, to enjoy it and live our lives not try to find the answers from where we came from and where we will go back to.
    God Bless xx

  5. Dead people don’t have lives.
    Being dead means “not alive”. If they had lives they wouldn’t really be dead would they?


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