How do Christians feel about Pagan roots of Christmas?

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That the Church stole the holiday from pagans and turned a holiday of the winter solstice to the Jesus’s birthday?

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This holiday for celebrating the renewal of life is for everyone.

Ms. Laurel

Some deny it…

Desert rose

Fine……they invalidate the truth as Jesus said…
Matthew 15 verse 3
But he answered and said unto them, Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?

Cheryl E

Most of them think the bible is older than paganism.


It seems most people are ignorant about why they celebrate Christmas or they are just in denial.

Smiling JW

Well Christians as myself as well as other millions earth wide do not celebrate Christmas. There is no biblical instruction that we have to or really should ought to.

The Real Mrs. Smith

’bout time someone asked this question! I’m tired of answering the same “Why do athiests and agnostics celebrate Christmas? Do they secretly believe in Jesus?”
Can’t we all celebrate this time of happiness and good cheer?
Time to go drink the Christmas egg nog and get drunk!

Keep-A-Breast & {IAVA}

I don’t like it.
That’s why am not celebrating Christmas this year, because I didn’t know the history of Christmas til this year.
Plus my family is broke too.


They chose that date to fit in. Also, not all Christians use Christmas trees or follow the Santa theme. Do your research.


how do you feel being wrong as well as them?…..
Pagans lifted (stole) their stories from history as well, and were just as wrong to follow them since you’re so angry about that ms. angry cat


That’s a harsh, and not entirely true statement. The Christian faith builds on the spiritual concepts of pagan religions and of course is influenced by them. The celebration of the winter solstice always involved a divine king. Whether Jesus, Mithra, Tammuz, or Dionysus it’s always the harvest god, symbolized by the return of the sun, born of a virgin and sacrificed on the tree.


I don’t think it matters. Winter Solstice and Christ’s Birthday are different things to celebrate and different people celebrate them. I don’t think it was stolen, or winter solstice would no longer exist.


this is true, i urge everyone to watch the movie “Zeitgeist”, or atleast part no.1, it takes us into more detail between the relationship between paganism and christianity

Tug Steinâ„¢

They stole it?
I don’t really mind. :]

TX Mom

Exactly. The celebration of Christmas is largely full of pagan traditions created to laud the summer solstice.
We don’t celebrate.
If Jesus wanted us to celebrate His birthday, why did He not tell us so? Why didn’t He tell us HOW to celebrate?
TX Mom


Couldn’t care less. I ONLY observe Christmas as the the observance of the Birth of the Messiah. I wish we knew the exact day of his birth. I would prefer to have Christmas on the correct day.

Maggie M

i am a christian..i celebrate jesus’s birth on christmas.
you have your belief, i have mine
we can’t help what our ancestors decided so get over it


I was watching that yesterday on the History Channel but you have to have a historical knowledge about the pagan celebration! and at first I was in shock but if you see it ina religious way is a representation to bring life and light to sin and darkness. Or it could also mean that they [religious christian priests] needed a good excuse to celebrate and have fun with others in the pagan celebration, therefore what other better excuse to have a party in the name of Jesus!
To me is not all indignant because I already knew that Jesus was no way born around December.


I’m disgusted by it. There are pages in the bible that warn us about this, and yet it’s still happening.


we christians can remeber this day as the birth of jesus even though it is not the day he was born,it is our beliefe that counts to us christ jesus our lord who lives in us today and will guide us into all truth!hope this helps.


It was not stolen. It was giving from one group to another. Christ is not a thief, and has no anger for anyone celebrating the gift of His life, so nor do I.
It might be advisable if you study a bit more on love this Christmas, than to spew hate.

Bob the tomato

They suck!! I hate all the pagan roots!!! I know there are pagan roots and I don’t know what they are, but I hate them.

aquarius ♥

I try to focus on Jesus being born.


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