Home Discussion Forum How do Chistians perceive religions like Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism?

How do Chistians perceive religions like Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism?

I have seen western missionaries, in a northeastern state of India (Nagaland), ridiculing followers of the above faiths just because they are not Christians. Does the Church recognize these religions, or are they considered inferior to Christianity?


  1. No they don’t tolerate other faiths, as most christians tend to look down upon those faiths as mythology. Many of them say that they believe in the “true savior” Jesus Christ. (As a Sikh raised here in the US, I have heard that hundreds of times)

  2. as a christian, i believe that even though these are faiths that teach kindness and love, that without recognizing God and Christ, that you are breaking the covenant with God and are therefore damned.
    that said, there is no reason to ever ridicule the religious beliefs of others. one of these days, those pacifists that you keep ridiculing, may have weapons and become militant. then where will you be.
    no religion that teaches against evil can be inferior to another. what is inferior is the lack of teaching of God and His love for the world. remember, even “christian” preachers have and will continue to have power over some sects and will bleed them for all they have.
    it is not the religion that makes the person, rather it is the person that makes the religion and the truth known.

  3. The newly elected Pope once said that those who pursue a covenant that is the equivalent to baptism, are also saved. To me this means that those who seek to become better people and to understand their relationship with the world, their fellow man, and God, are all deserving of the idea of a “Christian” heaven, or paradise/peace after death. Christ’s own commandment, “Love thy brother, as you love thyself” has raised many questions about whether or not Christ WAS a Buddhist, due to its simple but beautifully true message. The truth is that fundamental Christianity should look a LOT more like Taoism etc, than what it is.


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