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How do aura and chakra tie into ki and meridians…are there chakra outside the body?


  1. the aura is outside … the chakras ( i think ) are slightly protruding yes …
    it is said that the earth has similar lines ( meridians ) and that these can relate to those of the body in position etc
    i am not so knowledgeable about meridians though so someone else may be of more help xx

  2. The chakra’s are, at least in a spiritual and metaphysical sense as well as in the physical sense inside the body (although there are some traditions that mention a few external chakras). As tio their relationship to Ki (Qi, Chi) and hte meridians, it is the energy of Ki that is used by the chakras and that flows through the meridians and by strengthening the Ki one automatically strengthens the Chakras. Likewise, when one strengthens the Chakras, the Ki also strengthens. There are a number of phycial as less as meditative exercises that are said to strengthen one or the other and I have found that using both the physical exercises (Chi Gong, Tai Chi) as well as the more internal meditatins in combionation, one can greately increase the strength of the Ki and the energy in the Chakras.
    The Aura, is that visible portion of that energy that can be seen by those that are either born with the sight or that have been trained to it. The aura is directly connected to, and is part of the system of energy that flow through the body and while the aura is not itself the Ki, it is at least in part, the result of it and its strength is relative to that of the Ki.

  3. yes, meridians tie into the chakras…
    my acupuncture teacher told us that the chakras give energy to the meridians, and if you look at the chakras, they lie along the spine, along the shushumna nadi, the main energy channel which lies within the spine… the bladder meridian lies next to the spine and there are many other acupuncture points that cross the chakras as well.
    Qi/chi/prana is the life force energy is going thru these systems.
    this is a simplified answer to a complex question… hope it helped.


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