How did you tarot card "predictions" turn out?

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You see I have reoccurring dreams and believe dreams somewhat are signs of future events and my friend reads tarot cards and I asked to read my dream, it was right but i was hoping the whole time that it would be wrong so that maybe it would be “just a dream.” Did your tarot card reading come out true or false? Is it all mind games or do you think it is fate? Do you believe in fate?

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Lone Rose

I read my cards a few times, didn’t think anything of it at first. A few weeks later, I was doing what it was saying.
Since then I’ve been doing independent films, ( NO NOT PORN!!) and entertaining the masses with rollover, demo derby, and figure 8 racing


Tarot cards is a bit like the wheel of FORTUNE. Who knows how things turn out in the WORLD. Just have STRENGTH and TEMPERANCE and hope to avoid the DEVIL or the TOWER.

Nikita Blue

My tarot card predictions were amazingly accurate… the death card came up when I was asking about whether or not I should pursue children… I couldn’t figure out why, until I found out that I was pregnant and had a miscarriage. That was pretty weird; I wasn’t planning on having kids naturally – I was actually thinking along the lines of adoption – and I was on birth control, on top of it – but there it was, and it was a one in a million chance pregnancy. It wasn’t until later that I realized my reading had come true. I am practicing the tarot readings for myself and it has proven to be very accurate; it’s very interesting!


I handle my deck too often for own predictions. But I have daily meditation reading with my cards.

Rev. Lynn D.

Tarot can tell future events that will occur if everything in the present time stays the same. You have the ability to change most things. It gives you the opportunity to make different decisions and change your life.
You are in control of your life. Some things will happen that are out of your control but many things we create by our own beliefs and thought patterns.


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