Sunday, September 26, 2021

how did the terms like telepathy come to exist? was there anybody that was actually telepathic?


  1. Most words are built up from what are called “Combining Forms” and are actually contractions. “Telepathy” would be “Tele + Pathy” or Tele= Far Pathy= the ability to feel or sense. So Telepathy would be the ability to see or sense things from far away.
    The reason medical terms and words are so long and such jaw breakers is that they are usually built up from combining forms and, in the case of medicine, those words are usually either Latin or Greek in origin.

  2. To expand on the answers above explaining the origin of the word, which did not state anything about there being someone who actually was telepathic; the answer to this one is NO, there is not, and never was a truly telepathic person. There are lots of charlatans who would want you to believe they are, and there is a one million dollar prize from CSICOP for whoever can prove psychic power of any type, including telepathy. That money is unclaimed and shall remain so.

  3. Words like that are a combination of either latin or greek terms. In this case, “tele” and pathy or pathos”. Each of those terms has a meaning. When they are put together, they form a word that has a meaning. In this case, the word is “telepathy” and it means whatever telepathy is defined as. There is evidence to indicate that telepathy “may” have some basis.

  4. I used to not believe in it; until I experienced it first-hand.
    There were some fairly real visions, for having my eyes closed. (Except for the parts of the test I forgot about. (to keep a long story untold.))


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