Home Discussion Forum How did the idea of God come into the human consciousness?

How did the idea of God come into the human consciousness?

Do you know Jehovah? Are there other (comparable or greater) Gods beside him?


  1. Some dude a long time ago thought that he would make a quick buck by writing a book……. and some people took it a little to literally…

  2. Since the dawn of humanity, man had the concept of God. It is almost as if it defines who we are as a human. It is as old and primordial as the numinous dread of the naked universe.

  3. There is only one God.
    He made Himself known to Adam & Eve when He spoke to them while they were in the Garden of Eden.
    To know God is to know an inner peace that cannot be explained to someone who doesn’t yet know God.

  4. Which god?
    How did the idea of Zues or Odin come into the human consciousness?
    This may totally shock you, but people have the ability to imagine.

  5. God came to me by the living word of the bible.
    Once I read I felt guilty and decide to live the way he came to teach us to be, It’s been 1yr. and im loving it.
    Im a born again in Christ

  6. he conveyed it to us through special and general revelation. Also, he audibly spoke and physically communicated with people before Christ’s coming.

  7. The idea of god or gods has always existed as a way to explain the unexplainable.
    Primitive humans lived in fear and superstition based on what they saw happening the in the world. They didn’t know about the cycle of evaporation so didn’t know why the rain fell. So they created a deity or spirit that lives in the sky and causes it to rain.
    The Christian God is nothing more than another god in a long line of superstitious creations.

  8. There’s a great book by a guy named Julian Jaynes. It’s called (get ready) “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.” He theorizes that before humans were fully self-aware, they imagined the gods were speaking to them in times of crisis … when in fact it was their own brains trying to help them cope with the situation. This type of person still remains in today’s world as the schizophrenic who “hears voices.”
    It’s a totally unprovable theory, but it’s pretty fascinating. It would definitely explain why God doesn’t “talk” to people anymore, the way he seemed to do all the time in the ancient world.
    Either way, there’s no doubt that gods came about when primitive people couldn’t explain natural phenomena or needed comfort in times of pain and grief. It was a coping mechanism. People once thought we had volcanos and earthquakes because the gods were angry. Now we know better.

  9. It seems inexplicitly connected with death.
    My guess is that early man noticed how loss of blood caused death, and made the conclusion that blood contained magic with caused life. That led to human and animal sacrifice which was believed to help humans avoid death and disaster, which led to a theory of some powerful being who controlled it all. God had to exist to explain random disaster and disease.

  10. It Evolved.
    There is evidence that our brains are hard wired to believe in unseen agents. This can be easily seen in the societies of primitive (ancient) humans. When something bad happened, if they could explain why it happened, then there was something to be avoided. But what if there was no explanation for the bad thing that happened to a tribe? How could they avoid it happening again? The mind’s invention of ‘unseen agents’ was the beginning of the idea of god. Later humans developed the idea of gods who controlled different aspects of nature – the wind, rain, sun, seasons etc. Eventually people came up with the idea of one god that controlled everything. God evolved within the human mind to what it is today. There is still no evidence of a real god existing.

  11. My guess would be it’s because it is God who fashioned the minds we now have. An antena really isn’t necessary to communicate with him. 🙂

  12. I think therefore I am. When God’s breath blew life into the mind of the first living human being, presumably Adam. We can prove this by the fact that every human infant sucks inward if you blow into their tiny face. This implies that there is something biologically and innately built into our psyche that there is something outside ourselves to which we owe our very existence. By the way, Adam did not have a belly button.

  13. They saw the sun come up one day and one early human said, “Who is making that happen?”
    Another one answered, “I don’t know! I guess it is some powerful, invisible being. He must look just like us. And by the way, he wants you to give me half your food and let me screw your wife, or he’ll come down here and kill you.”
    Thus religion and God were born.

  14. God is a great invention for tying up all the loose ends of ideas together and give the universe a kick start giving the person who espoused the idea the appearance of actually having some deeper understanding than they really have.
    Saying that God created the universe explains nothing. It is no more meaningful than saying that XYZ created the universe. And since God is someone who cannot be questioned because he is so holy and we are not, humans are prohibited from asking simple questions like, “OK. So how did God create the universe?” and other such questions which would be meaningful if there really were something called God.

  15. The idea that there is a God, (only one by the way)- did not come from us, it came straight from God Himself. He is the one that places a desire for Him in us, it is us who choose to accept that or not.

  16. Ecclesiastes 3:11
    He has made everything appropriate in its time He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end.

  17. People have always believed in something–spirits, gods, a God. It’s really just very natural for us to want to believe in something, it’s part of human nature. It’s ‘wired’ into us.
    The idea of one God who created the universe began with the Zoasterians. Actually with Zoroaster himself. It is about the time of the beginning of the Bronze Age. The thought is that when man learned to make metal he learned to make weapons, and suddenly one tribe of people aggressing against another, invading and pillaging, was possible in a way it never had been before.
    The ancient Persians at that time (perhaps they weren’t actually ‘Persians’ but they were the people who lived in Persia, what is now Iran) had many spirits, called ahuras. Zoroaster promoted one of these ahuras into being the One God, Ahura Mazda, the spirit of wisdom. He taught that this God required people to be moral and virtuous and ‘righteous’. That was a new idea at the time. He taught that life on earth was just a stopover on the way to another life, one of either reward or punishment, based on how you lived here. And that the universe was created as part of a big plan, and would be destroyed when the plan was complete, and then there would be a Judgement Day. These ideas, which later formed the basis of the Abrahamic religions, were all original with Zoroaster! And it might have been a result of the dawning of the Bronze Age or it might have been just a coincidence.
    So it’s kind of funny, there’s an old saying “No longer did men agree that there was One True God than they all started killing each other in his name.” Actually it might well have been the other way around!
    As for whether there are comparable or greater gods, well that depends on your beliefs of course. In Genesis and Exodus there are clues that the original Hebrews believed there were more than one God but they only worshipped one. This is called ‘monalatry’. Monotheism, the belief that there was only one God, came later.

  18. It is truly amazing how many people here seem to think that the idea of God came about first from the bible. There were many gods that people believed in long before there was a bible. Amazing how ignorant we are in the U.S. Sad, very sad. 🙁
    ~An atheist

  19. As the human mind developed, humans began to wonder. They saw the world around them and didn’t know how to explain it. And so, they created gods that moved the sun and dropped rain from the sky, and they made sacrifices and prayers and offerings in the hopes that those gods would favor them.
    There are thousands of gods, and they all stand in the same light. None is greater than the other. They are all unbelievable.

  20. God must of planted it in there. I believe at one point everyone has had it but most likely have quenched it for some reason or another.

  21. And the LORD God formed a man’s body from the dust of the ground and breathed into it the breath of life. And the man became a living person – Genesis 2:7.
    This is the reason why we instinctively know the Almighty God. Because without His breathe surging through us, we would just be a clump of dirt.
    No, there is none but the Almighty God, YHWH and there never will be.
    All the gods of man are useless and worthless – Only the Almighty God is worthy of our affections and praise!
    Be Blessed:-)


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