How did the fear of the supernatural continue to effect society even after the end of the Salem Witch Trails?

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Seriously…. I need help. I’m writing a HUGE essay and I need more details. Being cited also helps :]
But I can’t find a place where it tells me what happened directly after the witch trails. if anyone can help… it would be awesome.

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Well, in the not too distant feuature from the witch trials came Braham Stoker’s Dracula and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
Stuff like this has helped (hindered?) fuel mankind’s inability to seperate reality from fiction.
Ghost stories abounded as well as urban legends about demons possessing young maidens and turning them into hellaciously beautiful nymphs who seduced and corrupted the morals of young men back in those days.
Wait….that was the 1970’s. Spandex hadn’t been invented just yet.


It continued in the form of puritanical law.

Gerome W

look up the sisters who started the seance, this was the Victorian ages, their story is amazing. They did it for entertainment, and they also said many a time that it was fake.
Even the tarot was a game in its conception, it was not made for divination. In fact most magic and superstition is almost always done for amusement, just some fools seem to think it real.


You could write about legends that exist even today like Bloody Mary. There are several shows on TV where people go ghost hunting. I think most people would get the hair standing up on the back of their neck if they walked alone thru a cemetary at midnight.
Also little things, like just yesterday I said “I made it thru the first round of layoffs” and I knocked on wood. There is the 7 years bad luck from breaking a mirror. The black cat crossing your path. Walking under a ladder….


Fear of God is just fear. Those judging were in fear of their status in society. It doesn’t help to think you know the source of your fear because it is just insanity, only to know that you must ask God to change it from fear to love.


During the 1600’s and early 1700’s, very few people were literate. They easily believed rumors and fantasies. Accusations of witchcraft were a means of control and power over neighbors who were disliked. People who came to America for religious freedom found that they were still dominated by puritanical, fanatical zealots. There were several books written specifically about the Salem witch trials, but I can’t think of any titles right now. Sorry. If I remember correctly, the younger, more educated people finally wrested the power away from the ignorant, older leaders. Religious gatherings became more organized, and denominations evolved from them. The fears about witches, goblins, etc. sort of moved into the background as young, ambitious families moved in and the focus was more on building up the new country rather than fostering superstitions from the Old World.


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