Home Discussion Forum How did the enlightenment alter perceptions toward the natural world?

How did the enlightenment alter perceptions toward the natural world?

This is a global question. How did the enlightenment alter perception toward the natural world, religion, economics, and political?


  1. I mean this purely from the psychedelic experience, hearing “altered perception”: deepest love and respect for the nature, after eating some shrooms.

  2. It helped us to see our real connections to the natural world, and how it was not all good.
    It helped us to see how the dictatorial system of politics was natural but wrong.
    It helped us to start to see beyond the magical beliefs of religion and to start searching for real answers.
    It started the movement to better the individual by more control of their own economic welfare or Capitalism.

  3. It just replaced people’s belief that God created the universe to a scientific atheist one where it wasn’t God that caused events to happen in the natural word, or that Earth wasn’t the center of the universe, but it was a mechanistic universe that could be explained with science. Then if that were true, the idea that kings or emperors would divinely chosen was ridiculous and that followed with the economy where the rich weren’t divinely chosen neither. So, in general, religion and people’s perversions in using it for self aggrandisement, took a hit.


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