How did the childhood experiences of Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha)?

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How did the childhood experiences of Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha) lead to his questioning of the spiritual practices of his time?

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All suffering and death was hidden from his view. When he finally saw it, it changed the course of what he believed he came here for.

dead shadow shark

Buddha is not real.There is only one god,God,so you’re question is asked in vein.


Well, the Buddha’s childhood was very sheltered. His father would not let him outside of the palace walls in which he was raised. It wasn’t until after he was married and had a child that he was able to question the spiritual practices of the time. It is said that the Buddha escaped outside of his father’s palace walls four nights in a row, and these are the sights that he saw:
1. An old man—the suffering of age.
2. A sick man—the suffering of disease.
3. A dead body–the suffering of death.
4. A monk.
After he saw the monk, he decided that his way to escape suffering was to become an ascetic. He left his family behind to do this. When he almost starved to death from being an ascetic, he sat underneath the Bodhi tree 49 days. After 49 days (and after Mara had sent his numerous distractions to the Buddha) he achieved enlightenment.


He grew to understand the everything is not just an illusion. Suffering and happiness are real and they can be proven and should not be denied.

Rishini D

Above answers tell you lot about Siddharthas childhood. But there is something everyone has forgotten. It is not only the childhood experiences that contributed to questioning of the spiritual practices of his time but also experiences of his past lives.


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