How did Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle’s ideas influenced thought and advancements in the Hellenistic world?






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  1. socrates taught plato who taught aristotle who taught alexander (the person who established the hellenstic culture).
    therefore, all of their ideas were assimilated and adapted to form well thought out theorys and ideas. These ideas were then passed on to alexander who put them all together to form theorys for the hellenistic culture. The hellenistic culture mixed ideas from his teachers and their teachers as well as epytian, persian, and indian ideas.
    Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle passed on the theorys while adding to it so the hellenistic culture combined ideas from all of them.

  2. Seriously, not much.
    Socrates was put to death and Aristotle was banished. The mainstream society thought of their ideas as mostly heretical and false, thus, these thinkers played at best a marginal role. If you want to know how the contemporary Greeks thought of these people, read “The Clouds” by Aristophanes. He openly mocks Socrates and the Socratics.
    Their ideas were kept alive over the years by a handful of disciples, but they didn’t percolate beyond the confines of the “thinking class.”
    Their ideas had a profound influence on the later development of Western Civilization; but as is so often the case with prophets, their work was largely disregarded by the people to whom it was initially given.

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