Home Discussion Forum How did Socrates influence Plato?

How did Socrates influence Plato?


  1. Plato learned from Socrates, he was one of the so called “corrupted youth”. When Socrates walked the streets thinking out loud asking people questions, Plato was inspired. Plato is the one who wrote down Socrates theory’s, Socrates himself never wrote anything

  2. I often wondered is Socrates even existed. Sometimes I think that he was just a vehicle for Plato’s ideas. An elder to attribute the idea to to give it more validity.
    Guess we’ll never know.
    Love and blessings Don

  3. It is difficult to say for sure, as everything that we know about Socrates’ philosophy comes to us from Plato. Very tough to determine what was Socrates and what was Plato. The two really are one philosophically.


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