How did Rama attain the vision of the one infinite consciousness?

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Pirate AMâ„¢

I’d have to go with the XKCD explanation. If it was in any way real or related to reality, it would be exploited by every business. Since it is only exploited by a specific religion, it has nothing to do with reality.


one should remain firmly established in the imperishable and eternal self which is free from nescience and from all seeking. One should slay the ghost of duality or division and fix the heart on the one truth, which alone is sweet in the beginning, in the middle and in the end.
The best of all states, O sage, is indeed the vision of the one infinite consciousness. Even the contemplation of the self which is infinite consciousness banishes sorrow, terminates the long-dream vision of the world-appearance, purifies the mind and the heart, and dispels worries and misfortunes. That contemplation of the self is devoid of mentation.
By the regular and systematic practice of pranayama I have gained the state of purity and I am not disturbed even when the mount Meru (or the north pole) is shaken. They who are fully awakened and who are constantly engaged in samadhi and who are thoroughly enlightened are known as samkhya-yogis. They who have reached the state of bodiless consciousness through pranayama, etc., are known as yoga-yogis. Indeed, the two are essentially the same. The cause of this world-
appearance and bondage is indeed the mind. Both these paths lead to the End to the mind. Hence, by the devoted and dedicated practice of either the End to the movement of prana or the End to thought, liberation is attained.


Most of the Hindus believe that Rama was God himself, so this type of Q does not arise.
Secondly, if we read Yoga Vashishtha, we get the information that Sri Rama got enlightenment under the guidance of Sage Vashishtha.


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