How did kabbalah start?

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what is kabbalah ?


what’s kabbalash??


As I understand it, the Kabbalah is one of the oldest funamentalist Jewish sects. Hope you get a better answer.


Dear Pondering:
Kabbalah is an oral tradition of Jewish mysticism that has experienced a celebrity-studded renaissance over the past decade. It dates from the 12th century, although the earliest texts studied and cited by Kabbalists have their origins in the first century AD. Kaballah claims to reveal a secret knowledge of the unwritten Torah as professed by God to Adam and Moses.
Curious seekers will be heartened to learn that Kabbalah has its own online FAQ. The word “Kabbalah” derives from the Hebrew root “to receive, to accept.” Adherents of Kabbalah accept the divinity of the Torah, while seeking to decipher its hidden meanings and prophecies through the study of texts such as the Zohar (Book of Splendor) and the Bahir (Book of Brightness).
As several sites in the Kabbalah category of the Yahoo! Directory point out, all religions have mystical strains, and Judaism is no exception. Kabbalah has also been practiced by gentiles, in a form known as Hermetic Kabbalah, for hundreds of years.


I was gonna answer but manta gift gave you a much better answer. 10 points to Manta Gift.

Montana Don

Manta Gift is essentially correct, however it is pretty obvious that the medieval Kabbalah did not come out of nowhere. there is good evidence that is comes out of a tradition that dates to at least the time of Jesus and prob earlier. The big question is how well developed it was. In spite of grandiose claims by some apologists, it appears unlikely that it was any where near the sophisticated system that was popularized by Zohar until close to the time he wrote his works. More likely it was never much more developed than the system suggested by Dr. Simo Parpola in his Assyrian studies until around 1000-1100 when similar systems begin showing up in Islam.

Daniel ben Yeshia

It started when God – who is Light – withdrew from an area leaving room for Him to Create. That made darkness, but in that darkness He then made the Heavens and the Earth, but they were Tohu, V’vohu, V’choshek (formless and void and dark) and there He said “Let there be light”.
This concept that God was able to limit Himself so as to make room for Creation is how Kabbalah started.


Kabbalah started together with Jews and Judaism in times of Abraham and Moses as oral explanation (oral key) of secrets of Universe and Torah (secrets of written laws of Universe).


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