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How did Jim Morrison get into shamanism?

I wonder if he read any castenada. We all know he was into huxley’s stuff.


  1. It was something that was always with Jim. As a child, he took the influence from the accident in New Mexico and that was almost like a “precursor” for his initiation into the Spirit Realm. Many people including keyboardist/organist for the Doors, Ray Manzarek say on certain occasions that they saw and felt the Native American Spirits in and around Jim as he performed on stage. Others discount this and believe that Jim exaggerated or was confused.
    One thing is certain, if you ever read his works or listen to his voice- you can tell there is something that goes deeper than the epidermis. He studied Greek mythology, Nietzche, (Kerouac) & other beatnik writers, Haitian Voodoo, and was generally well-read. And with reading, he gathered new thoughts and some of those thoughts sunk in and made sense…including gaining insight in spirituality and his =Higher Self. This was embodied in him more so by research, opening the “doors” of conciousness with drugs and such and spirituality.
    The way in which Jim Morrison carried himself- you don’t get that spiritual wisdom that is almost inexplicable just by walking around in the world. (If anything you get it taken away. ) There was something about him…that was very spiritual and powerful and that is evident in His life…may be not in what “Hollywood” wants you to see because that doesn’t $ell…Exaggeration and drama does$.


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