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How did Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha make a living?

by Connections:

Is anything written that provides any evidence that any of them every did a lick of work at any trade or profession? Is it true they were all dependent on others? Were they all sponges? Were they just hobos and bums as defined in modern terms. Yes, i have read the usual stuff but never saw a thing to make me believe they every earned a living by working at anything.

Answer by art psycho
Lazy Bums!


  1. I know that jesus was a wanderer and lived off the kindness of others. He paid his taxes with money brought to him and lived in poverty.

  2. Sounds like someone needs to read the Bible, Choran and Buddist history before you ask questions with your inaccurate thoughts.

  3. There is nothing documented that Jesus existed. Those who told stories about him and claimed to have known him waited approximately 40 years to tell about it. At least the other two had eye witness accounts of their lifestyles written during their lifetimes.

  4. Jesus was a carpenter.
    Mohammed was a farmer and later a general (i think)
    Buddha was a wealthy prince, his original name was Prince Gautama
    So only Buddha was a lazy bum!

  5. Jesus = carpenter
    Buddha = prince
    I don’t know what Mohammed did.
    It’s pretty common knowledge, and I don’t even believe in any of it.

  6. Hello,
    Jesus was a carpenter as mentioned.
    Mohammed guided trading caravans and his job was somrthing like a wagon master in the American West.
    Buddah did not need to work, He was born into wealth and luxury destend to be a prince but eventually rejected it. His first two disciples were merchants. They went out togther and got many converts, made monastaries etc. Probably lots of donations from believers.
    EDIT – Sunset – Like we say in the oil patch, the only stupid questions are those that are not asked.

  7. Muhammad (saws) was a tradesman in his time, and was nicknamed “The Trusted/Honest” by his customers for dealing justly and honestly. This was how he met his first wife, Khadijah, who was a widow and business owner herself. She proposed to him shortly after they met. He was a financially stable man (I think he was fairly wealthy, but I don’t remember from my studies) but lived a simple life and always gave whatever he could.
    Here’s more detailed info about him if you’re at all interested:

  8. jesus was poor
    i heard he did some carpentry work
    buddha was a prince but renounced his riches
    and became an ascetic for a time
    before receiving enlightenment
    i dont know about muhammad
    i think he was a cartoonist

  9. There is a lot that we do not know about Jesus, or other such Biblical people. Is just goes to show you that if people were to work at staying alive, we would not have to worry about others and what THEY did or didn’t do. Just about ourselves. And I think that we better get going and start thinking about whether or not we want to keep in living on this plantet of ours the way it is right now. Do not fret about such things as the past. Just learn from other peoples mistakes. DO NOT repeat them, okay?

  10. They all made a living by preaching the Word of God.
    What does the Pope, all preachers, monks, etc do. Nothing, but spread the Word of God. Makes you think don’t it.
    Why don’t we all become preachers, none of us would ever have to work again.
    But then again, where would we get our donations for preaching and spreading the Word of God from?
    Nowhere, get it?
    By the way, what does a politician, a banker, a credit card company do? NOTHING> but live off the working:(

  11. Jesus was a carpenters son, I assume he was also a carpenter, and when you can turn water to wine, who needs a real 9-5????

  12. Jesus was a carpenter by trade, learning his craft from his earthly father Joseph. As an itinerant preacher he would have needed a transferebale skill as he wandered around Palestine and Judea.
    Mohammed (pbuh) was a trader and merchant, in fact he worked as such for his first wife Kadijah.
    Buddha would seem to be the only non-wroker, but this is because he was brought up in a royal household, Prince Siddatha of the Gautama clan in Northern India.

  13. Muhammad worked for a woman! Yes his manager was a woman so all this crap about men are superior than women in Islam is utter rubbish! I think it was a market stool or trading- sorry I forgot!

  14. They were all too enlightened to be bothered with the material issues of the world.
    They just chilled and spoke good, man.


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