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How did I get derealization and is it getting better?

Okay, so I’m not sure how long I’ve had derealization, but I’ve started to notice how I felt around November 2009. I’m not sure how I got it either, although I remember feeling a bit out of it every once in a while when I would get really stressed out or anxious. But it would only last a day or so from what I can remember and it was also very rare. That was around April and May 2009. In July 2009 I moved from my home I’ve lived in my whole life, and it really affected me since my parents are divorced and it sorta felt like my family was breaking up because my brother was going to live with my dad and my mom and I were moving somewhere else with her boyfriend. After we moved, I can’t say I was depressed because I know how that feels now, but I was indeed pretty upset. Then we lost all three of our cats I’ve had basically my whole life. I know these things seem kinda juvenile and at the time I was quite upset over it, but I didn’t think it effected me so much. Besides all of this I started smoking weed, and every time I got high I always had to remind myself that I was in fact “there”. If I smoked to much I would just freak out, but I don’t remember ever having a panic attack, my heart would just beat supper fast but I would convince myself what was happening. The reason I’m not sure how long I’ve had it for, is because I just though I was just high from the previous day, and that it eventually faded. But I think that I kept on smoking and it just builded up over time, does this make sense?
Also I only realized what this was in December 2009, and ever since then getting through the day takes a lot of effort. I have to remind myself I’m not losing my mind but other times it just seems hopeless, and I don’t see the point of going on through life if it’s just going to be like this forever. Although I know I would never do anything that stupid, it’s just starting to get really hard. I’m constantly thinking and obsessing over it, even though I know I shouldn’t but it’s really hard not too. I was also wondering if I’m getting better, because things are starting to look more familiar, the constant feeling I have is that I’m living life in a dream, but before I used to have an out of body experience, which I don’t have anymore. So I don’t know, I find it easy to talk to people, in fact it sorta helps, I’ve also tried breathing exercises. Sometimes I question if I even have it anymore but when I close my eyes I just feel like I’m in my own world and I can just escape from everything else around me. I’m in my last year of high school and some of my friends are experiencing this too. But for other reasons like depression and epilepsy. And their on Prozac, but I don’t want to go on medication. I would just like to overcome it, hopefully sooner than later… I was just wondering does this seem like a legit reason for getting derealization? And if you have it, do you feel like that when you close your eyes?

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  1. Depersonalization/derealization: Opester, a therapist with more than 20 years of experience, specialising in dissociative disorders, and former contributor here, provided a post which is well worth viewing at: http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjGm6SZeDl.EmP3AKExBq3fh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070729124635AAGBzdb&show=7#profile-info-418bccfb9324deeab3120af8e1ccb6ffaa Regard DP/DR as being purely temporary. Advice from other therapists, and sufferers: When affected, run your hands under cold water for several minutes. Adapt the following to your situation: Look around and find 5 colours; feel 4 different textures; smell 3 different odours, and taste 2 different things. Focus on your hands for several minutes, multiple times daily. Try snapping a rubber band on your wrist, lightly, at first, then increasingly harder; remove afterwards, and pocket. Give the EFT a good tryout, to see if it helps you.
    It is free via the searchbar at http://www.mercola.com “EFT” & “EFT therapists” or http://www.tapping.com (13 free videos). Professional is best. – There is a version for use in public places, (if you want to, you can claim to have a headache, as you employ the acupressure massage/tapping on your temples, but you would then be restricted to subvocalising: [repeating to yourself in your mind] ) “Even though I sometimes suffer from depersonalization/derealization, I deeply and completely accept myself”. Use the PMR, at http://www.drcoxconsulting.com/managing-stress.html DP/DR often results from anxiety/panic attacks, so if this applies in your case, see http://your-mental-health.8m.com/blank_25.html re anxiety, and/or panic, then pages h, & i. Modern marijuana has a very high level of THC, with little of the stabilising cannabidiol, so avoid its use in future!

  2. i had it too. im a junior and i got it when i was a sophomore. the first week of it was absolutely terrifying. i felt like you like everything was a dream and everyone in my school was just putting on an act. life just didnt seem to make sense anymore, i just kept thinking am i really here on this planet, do i really exist? i smoked weed before i got it but i wasnt high when i had my first episode of it, so i dont think weed was the cause. i think its just anxiety, because your overanalyzing things that you never though of before because you just didnt care. after i got it smoking weed was just a terrible experience, it made it even worse. after a couple of months it just eventually went away and i forgot about it. you just have to ignore it, i know its hard, but you just have to..and quitting weed for now would probably help.

  3. I have it to. everytime im experiencing DR i feel as if my face is changing from my own to a face of somthing ditorted and not real. it feels like my face is being rearranged and that i dont know what i look like when its happening, i mean i literally forget what i look like to the point where it bothers me so much i have to look at myself in a mirror to calm myself down. i think that anxiety ties in with DR and i think the ‘dreamy’ state or ‘loss of reality’ is our brains way of letting us know that we are thinking too much. i think the best way to stop your DR in your life is to find something to live for and stop thinking about all your small problems and think about positive things that can benifit your life. once you find purpose in your life and sonething to live for, most of your problems will slip away…

  4. I have it too… i smoked weed for the third time and when i got high this really weird thing happened to me during the high like i went into a different world. every thing started being not real like i entered a dream. at that time it was terrible. my friends called the ambulance coz i was really scared. i was at the hospital i sat for 9 hours in one place but it felt like 5 mins.
    i saw the doctors walk around but everything seemed frozen.
    than 4 years later here i am still feeling the same accept ive learned to live with it and not get scared or sad.

  5. hey,
    I have been experiencing derealisation disorder for over a year now, after an acid trip that went bad (first and Last thankfully).
    the reason for it beside the drug, I suppose is because while on that trip, I faced traumas that happened to me so long ago, that I had forgotten about them (i did not experience bad hallucinations). So long ago yet impossible for me to understand how I could’ve been fine all that time BEFORE the trip. the first timeI experienced derealization and depersonalisation, it lasted 3 months straight, it was followed by depression, and it was absolutely terrifying.It felt like nothing nor nobody could ever help me, not even myself.
    Smoking was certainly one of the triggers, and so were your traumas (every body experiences things to a different degree).
    I am still experiencing it to a certain degree, but I promise you it does get better.
    However if I were you I would try not to consider it as a mental illness, simply because IT IS NOT.
    Derealisation, depersonalization “disorder” is for one absolutely harmless, and as it has been said above , a way for the brain to deal with high stress.
    Now that said, try to look at it as a possibility to grow. Because one of the reasons while people a scared by it in my opinion is because part of the “disorder” makes you face yourself. Which means that there is a possibility to get in touch with your essence instead of being blinded by the temporal illusion of who you think you are.
    In other words, think of it as a possibility to understand yourself more., maybe cry out your traumas, learn to love and embrace yourself… because although sometime the world doesn’t feel real, and you might not even feel real, there is one thing you can be sure of: you are conscious, and therefor you are alive.
    As for it to stop scaring you and making you depressed, the ones above answered it better than I could since I have not gotten “rid” of it completely yet. Try to embrace it, and accept it.
    Good luck, You’re not going mad, you’re just waking up!

  6. Hey guys ,
    well i feel the same way as all you do .
    and i’m only going into the 8th grade . i started smoking weed when i was in 6th grade . i started feeling like this when i was in 7th grade . i felt as if this was all a dream . like if my mind created it all and i’m in my own world .
    i didn’t want to tell anyone about it because i thought they would think i’m crazy . so i searched up on the internet about how i feel . and nothing came up really . so i decided to tell one of my true friends . she said she felt the same way too . then a few months past and i told her that i still feel the same way . she told me ” are you sure your mom wasn’t drinking when she was pregnant with you ? ”
    and after that i figured out she wasn’t a true friend at all . so i really cant share how i feel to anyone . until i found this page (: !
    i want to know how and if i could get rid of it . i still smoke weed right now to make me forget about all of this . for me it helps . for only a day . but when i dont think about it i feel that i came back into real life . but when i think about it i fell im going crazy . can anyone help me out alittle ?
    oh and i havent read any of the comments up top so yea (x .
    Thank you for everything
    – Sabrina


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