How did I get a violation notice for just thinking about asking a question in parapsychology?

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I didn’t even type it!

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Maybe you were sitting too close to the monitor.
No … wait … it just came to me in a vision.
You only imagined that you got that violation notice. What you thought was a violation notice was just an advertisement for athletic shoes from Cxhty (or maybe it was from Htklchrz). Doesn’t matter – keeping watching here; there’ll be another one of those coming through in a day or so.

Nice Guy

Perhaps one of the psychic report monkeys confused your energy with mine. Were you thinking of words like mental illness, ignorance and lying?

Tomb Raider

It must of been telekinesis from an entity that did it.

The Vampire Muffin Man

Maybe Saddam Hussein reported you. You know he’s jealous of you and Mr. Hat.


WI think it is safe to say that I have an extreme fascination with mirrors at the moment, my question is?

Please, all scientifically oriented people, bear with me during the first part of this question. Thank you. I started having dreams of mirrors maybe...

who was aleister crowley?

i've seen his name in a book about magic but the author cautioned about reading crowley's work. what gives??

How do you have to believe in god to be into the occult? Do you even know what occult means?

God = religion, energy = occult. No imaginary being needed. Occult - matters regarded as involving the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal...

What are some of the benefits of experiencing Past Life regression therapy?

details please stories welcome Thank you! Please move along if you do not believe in past lives. I will report your nonanswer. I would like to hear...

Do you know anything about energy healing, ci, etc, can you please help me?

by Amalia Mendoza: hi ok so the day before halloween, i had a headache. and sometimes i get one because of indigestion....
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