How did Hitler's belief in the Aryan race correlate with his beliefs/practice in the occult?

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I’m just confused as to how he expected this to play out.

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Jim L

They didn’t. He had little or no belief or interest in the occult. I’ve read his Table Talk and it reveals him as a rationalist. Himmler was a bit different, it is true.

Kosher Ninja Jewess

Hitler was a Xian. He publicly affirmed his belief in this faith over and over again. He even specified which part of the Xian bible reinforced his hatred for Jews.
In terms of any Occult practises he may have been involved with; I imagine he was simply trying to cover all the bases in his bid to dominate the world, and if he thought some Occult customs would help, he would probably have looked into them.


Most of the stories about Hitler and the occult are fabrications – probably all of them, actually.

Tangled in Ivy

I can certainly understand why people would rather believe that Hitler was a warped minded xian on a mission from God to perfect humanity, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He did believe in the Bible to the fullest extent, and was especially fond of the book of Revelation. That is because he was told by a German politician – turned writer – that he (Hitler) was the ant-christ. This German’s name was Dietrich Echart a self-proclaimed Satanist. They met at a Nazi gathering in 1919, and Echart had an immediate fondness for Hitler. They became friends, and later Echart was regarded as Hitlers mentor.
With such power comes sacrifice, and sacrifice he did to the fullest degree. Hitler worshipped a German Mythological god named Wodan( Norse name Odin) who’s symbol was a circle with a cross in the middle. What a clever alteration of this pagan symbol known as the Swastika today.
Wodan is known to many as Satan himself. I have researched this, and this god does fit the criteria. So if Satan wants to ensure victory in the end days, then the Jewish race must be completely wiped out. They are, of course, God’s chosen people. It is promised that they will be converted to Christianity and are God’s elect. The Aryan race is none other than the Germanic and/or Norse gods who lived on the island known as Atlantis. They are indeed beautiful with blonde hair and blue eyes. R U with me?
When Hitler knew he was going to be killed by the Russians, he devised a plan to ensure he held on to the title given to him by Echart. He needed three people to sacrifice to his god in order to be reincarnated as the anti-christ. (Hitler, Ava and her unborn child) Ava was pregnant when they did this. They died on April 30th a pagan holiday commemorating guess who? Odin!!! This has been a festival since the 700’s. Pretty wild, huh?


hi liked your account, august kubizeck tells of hitlers obsession with the ocult and its reading also erik jan hanusson was a jew who helped hitler speak and is his last dieing letter (hanusson) states hitler believes this stuff, which he meant as the ocult and destiny, such as the spear of destiny he held and has gone missing since 45, as carbon dating has proved the one in czech republic is a replica. can you tell please what book the ayran race people hitler may have read, i heard it on a documantary , 1800’s time about the alien race who founded the the master race, its my belief that hitler saw egyptians as these gods, as many today say egyptians had help or found alien technology, jews in the bible overthrow these gods, so i feel he hates them for this, also he is orginal name for his grandmother was jewish so this after the death of his mother left he angry perhaps due to jewish people helping other jews in financial hardship and business dealings he didnt feel maybe they helped. just wanted to ask for advice on this book thow cheers

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ethan hunt

visit thius website in the link for the really controversial story of the aryan race, you have been warned


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