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How did enlightenment ideas influence the arts and literature in europe during the 1700's?

Can you please give some examples all answers will be greatly appreciated


  1. They changed the thinking from Religious Ideas to more Artistic and Scientific. Look at this for example: Gallileo. He believed the earth revolved around the sun. When presented to the church, they threatened to execute him for thinking that. They did this because the Church believed the earth was the center and things rotated around it, and I think it is because God put it there. Also, John Locke’s theory of natural rights led to a part in the United States Constitution.

  2. enlightenment thinkers did the gravest thing to man’s psychological balance, they dissociated religion from intellect . men such as voltaire, hume, locke, kant, schopenhauer, hegel…… impacted tremendously modern literature creating great chasms in modern consciousness pushing some to extreme naturalism like locke and hume, some to a ridiculous metaphysicality like kant , hegel, some escaped and dissipated themselves like wilde, gide, eliot, hemingway, creating a plague out of awareness and a hopeless guilt by virtue of possessing consciousness as seen in the absurdity of camus, the existentialism of nietzche and dosotevsky… some would attribute these effects to darwinism which is true , darwinism is a mature extension of the enlightenment…


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