How did cons get to ability to read the future? Crystal ball says, "if we leave Iraq al Qaeda will take over?"





How do they know that Iraq’s new elected government surely couldn’t handle the situation?


  1. they are desperately trying to justify this fruitless war. 4000 dead americans and our bozo pres is still saying that they have not died in vain. he also said that the last ones are just as important as the first ones, oh really! i didn’t think he was capable of abstract thought.

  2. Bush said he was worried about Al Qaeda taking control
    of Iraq’s oil revenues. What can we read from that
    statement? Was that Bush’s motivation all along.

  3. I guess the same way they figure a Democrat will destroy George Bush’s and the Republican’s good works.
    However it does stand to reason there will be a power vacuum since the current government is obviously too weak to stand on its own. Too many infiltrators with varying religious beliefs.
    Also every Imam seems to have a group of supporters that feel they’re man is in the right.
    Ultimately it’s too disjointed and too much disillusionment to provide a unified front and work for the common good. Just the right environment Al Qaeda needs to get new recruits.
    I’m a Democrat BTW but I do see things realistically. The worst thing we did was invade. Hussein kept the place together with fear.
    Kind of like us. The Republicans used fear of invasion whether terrorist,militarily,immigrants or financially to garner the needed votes.

  4. What surprises me is that anyone will listen to anything those idiots have to say. They have been wrong about virtually everything. Nothing they have said (about Iraq or anything else like tax cuts = good economy) has been right.
    Yet I see these same people time and time again making prediction after prediction.

  5. We can’t “read the future”.
    But it’s fairly easy to predict the likely course of events that would ensue, because history teaches and educates us on events and people.
    There’s nothing really new about this situation, or about human nature and nationalist and religious movements that hasn’t happened in human history. And it’s likely to have happened many times.
    Thus we can readily see, based on knowledge of history and human nature, the likely outcome of rash and irresponsible courses of actions, such as those proposed by the Democrats.

  6. Perhaps you missed Basra, perhaps Hamas is familiar..
    Let me explain this to you so that you will understand…
    If we leave Iraq, Al Qaeda will take over, and many innocent Iraqis (the ones with the purple fingers) will lay dead in the streets. BUt, then, I suspect to you Liberals, that is of no consequence…

  7. Well, so far going into Iraq without a plan or strategy, and not being able to define what “success” means to them, I don’t believe they DO know what will happen.
    The very fact that they believe they can go into countries that are led by religious leaders and it’s been that way for generations, in order to set up democracies, have got it all wrong.
    When they don’t understand history and ethnicity as well as the culture, what type of result can they expect?
    Do they think Iraq wants a democracy? No. But they tell us that they do for one more excuse to justify their control of oil.

  8. AL qaeda makes up 10% of all the violence in Iraq right now.
    Al qaeda is not the problem, the problem is with the insurgents and the civil war that exists!!!!!!
    and cons still believe Bush with his “mission accomplished” banner!!!!!

  9. How do you know that will not happen? If you think for one minute that Al Qaeda is sitting on its ‘laurels’, you are gravely mistaken!

  10. Neocon politicians know that 1000 alqueda in Iraq wouldnt be able to defeat anyone. They just say that because Foxnews viewers are too stupid, or lazy to fact check them.

  11. It’s commonly referred to as knowledge, education, keeping our eyes open, heads out of the sand. If you want to consider that magic, then go for it.

  12. The same ball we saw WMD’s and 19 UN violations with, Its also the same ball that sees conservatives winning the civil war with Liberals in 2034

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