How did Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Shamanism arrive in Korea?

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How did Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Shamanism arrive in Korea?

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Espresso Kid

Buddhism can to Korea from China. I can´t tell about the other ones.
Well – there has always been a form of Shamanism on Korea, but that might have come from China too.


some by boat, some by air, and some by walking across large peaces of land 🙂


Buddhism came to Korea in 372 CE from China (about 800 years after Buddha’s death). It was introduced as a natural effect of the ongoing cultural and trade interchanges between China and Korea.
The same is true for Confucianism, which originated in China. Because Korea has always been influenced by its large neighbor, it readily adopted (and adapted) Confucianism into its culture. Today, Korea remains much more Confucianist than does China.
The origins of Korean Shamanism as less clear; however it is an ancient spiritual tradition in Korea. The Korean version of Shamanism most likely originated in Siberia, since it shares many similarities with Siberian Shamanism.
All three traditions are still quite alive in Korea today and many Buddhist temples in Korea incorporate some aspects of Shamanism (the mountain spirit (“sahn shin”), for example).


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