How did Buddhism change after Buddha’s death?

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A. It developed an institutional hierarchy.
B. It began to emphasize Buddha’s descent from God.
C. It split into three main traditions.
D. It began to require that Buddhists give up all their earthly possessions.
Thanks for help!

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Myth Buster

C] The 3 main traditions referred to are Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana.


I think it is A


Did you just answer your own question?

Sir Groundhog

Homework help, I assume?

Liberal Mind-Slave

E. It required the creation of golden statues of little fat men.
F. It required the worship of said fat men.
G. It required all Buddhists to learn witchcraft.
H. It required all Buddhists to use said witchcraft to bring the golden statues of little fat men to life.
I. The statues go around killing, raping and maiming pregnant women, in that order.


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