How did Buddha make a living?





I mean after he became Buddha and had a lot of followers. Did he travel and beg, work the land, get mana from heaven? I assume they all still ate and used supplies.


  1. After shedding his princely life Gautam Buddha choosed the simple life of bhikshu (a Monk).
    He begged for alms to feed his body’s human needs, without getting slave to human weaknesses…
    And lived a very simple life ever-after.
    Thank You.

  2. The Buddha, like all monks, went out every morning and begged for their daily meal.
    It was up to non monastic followers to supply food, clothing and shelter to the Buddha and his monks.
    There were many benefactors that did this for them.
    and yes in addition, he was a prince , but he let that part of him go, opting instead to live a very simple life.
    His father was one of his benefactors.
    In those days , as is still the custom, when he would teach, the people who came to teach would leave offerings as well.

  3. Don’t know for sure, but I would guess that his needs were provided for by his followers so he could devote his time to his teachings rather than have to worry about “making a living”.

  4. Buddha renounced his wealth and traveled teaching and preaching. He ate what he was given or what he found growing. There is a writing describing how his bottom looked like the hoof of a camel, his ribs like a collapsed shack. So he didn’t eat much.

  5. for a period of life he ‘begged’. this was after he was a prince. then he had a bunch of followers, some of whom were rich, hook him up.

  6. He was wealthy and born wealthy. Buddha came from royalty. Sums up a rich kid trying to see the world.

  7. I think he fasted under a tree or something until he reached enlightenment. But I mean, there are fruit that grow you know. It’s not like he lived in the middle of nowhere where no food grew. he probably just picked fruit off a tree or something.

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