How did Buddha learn that sitting in the lotus position is a form of treatment for the body and mind?





by Irish Girl:

Answer by Chuck Norris
I told him that and he believed it.


  1. The lotus posture (padmasana), siddhasana etc… are very ancient asanas, which are supposed to be originated from Lord Shiva Himself. There were various traditions who used to follow these asanas at the time of Buddha also. Even Jainees, which are much more ancient than Buddhists (as it is indicated in history), used and use some of these asanas.
    Ancient Rishis had discovered many asanas by observing and analysing various postures.

  2. He was a Hindu. By that time, (2,500 years ago), seated meditation postures were already well known. As the son of a king he would have learned meditation as a boy.

  3. Such is a posture, among many, used in mediation, nothing more or less. Some can assume such a pose and some can not. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is making the mind quiet and still so that one may come to an awareness of the nature and essence of one’s own being which is the nature and essence of Being.
    The Buddha taught all to learn from personal experience rather than to simply accept that which one is told, or has read.

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