How did Budai, the fat Buddha, get to be known in the west as the real Buddha?

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Most people know now that the fat Buddha is not the real Buddha, but how did it even come to be that some people would think that?

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I’m gonna say name familiarity and his nickname of the “Laughing Buddha”.

Vicarious Cynic

I’m waiting for the Fat Buddha happy meal. I’m loving it.

Silver Star Danser

But I LOVE fat Buddhas!
In any event, my favorite Buddha statues are the ones where he is laying on his side, I believe this is how he died, am I correct?

Pangloss (ancora imparo)

Because many preachers make a joke about how Buddhism is about avoiding extremes and yet the Buddha was a fat dude and many of the people who listen to such nonsense never bother to actually do any research on their own. I would bet at least 80% of the preachers spouting such nonsense know it is false and yet continue to say it, justifying it as “lying for the greater good”.
I have noticed a definite correlation between the increase in the amount of anti-Buddhist propaganda that fundamentalist churches spout and the increasing interest in Buddhism in the West.


He’s the Buddha they see when they get their authentic General Tso’s chicken nuggets, which is probably many people’s first introduction to anyone called Buddha (he’s called laughing Buddha here. Maybe because of a similar name or because some people consider him a Bodhisattva).


Christianity is the only way to heaven you stupid people.

mitch alan

Beast705, Christ is the only way to heaven, not Christianity…and calling people stupid is not loving your neighbor…


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