How did Bodhidharma travel so well with only one shoe?

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In this *case* Bodhidharma means “enlighened-truth”. ~ : ) As for the one he left behind, some say it is still here, we are getting to that with this *case*. ~ : )
Some say his feet were merged in the ground of…………..emptiness and he was enlightened by all ……….things. ~ : )
As the story goes, Bodhidharma went to China with the true teaching of Buddhism as it had fallen into error there.
He was poisoned 3 times. 1 time so much poison was used it burnt his teeth out. the last time he gave in and died but someone later saw him traveling with only one shoe, they dug up his coffen, opened it and the only thing in it was one shoe. ~ : )
Great answers. They say in Zen that Zen is outside words and letters, it is a transmission of mind to mind. Tony, the fellow you are refering to cut off his own arm as an indication to Bodhidharma that he really wanted to pacify his mind. Holding it out he asked him to pacify his mind. Bodhidharma asked for him to show him this mind, Huike said “although I have searched I can not find it” Bodhidharma then said “there, your mind is pacified” at that Hueke had a great awakening. ~ : )
Magnolia flora: That’s beautifull.
Hmmmmm, one shoe in China, one shoe in India. Makes me wonder how many feet this monk had. ~ : )

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Tony L

because there is only one vision when you have no eye lids?
seriously, there are so many legends about bodhidharma, who can say, but that guy who ripped his own arm off would love to know the answer to this one………..


Travelling’s easy after you’re dead!
What intrigues me is why did he leave the other one behind?
Jon C
I have no answer to give.
And yet the bell has rung and I must give an answer!
What have I to do with this eccentric monk? I can barely see his footsteps.

Paul L

He carried it in his left hand and walked barefoot? Actually can you point to a context for this or post a link in your question please.

magnolia flora

You can also travel so well with only one shoe…… but hand
Soon after his death, someone supposedly witnessed Bodhidharma walking back towards India barefoot and with a single shoe in hand. His grave was later exhumed, and according to legend, the only thing found in it was the shoe he left behind.
“For nine years he had remained and nobody knew him;
Carrying a shoe in hand he went home quietly, without ceremony ” (spirit of Zen)


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