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How did black magick originate?

Is there any mythos behind the orgination of black magick? Any sort of religious history or storyline of events that happened in the religion?
I’ve researched a ton and have found almost nothing pertaining to what I need to know. I thought maybe someone would know something based on oral tradition.


  1. I believe it was the “alternative” use of ancient Pagan ritualism and then evolved into misunderstood “witchcraft” in the middle ages. There are also roots in voo-doo in Africa and Aztec civilizations..spell casting and such.

  2. The concept of “Magick” is found in primitive cultures and in some higher animals. There is no set “religion” for it and no one religion can lay claim to it. Wicca has been in existence for close to 60 years. Before that, Aleister Crowley wrote “Magick in theory and practice” which is pretty much a codification of everything that went before it.
    The closest religion to traditional black magick today is Scientology, especially their concept of “Engrams”.
    “It turns my blood to water” is an engram that is alleged to give you Leukemia, according to the group. They also believe that if you find out about Xenu, even to hear the word, you will die of Pneumonia. This is the same concept that prevents some christians from uttering the word “God” and others from saying the word “Jehova” or “Yahweh”.
    Black Magick could be said to have originated with the rise of mysticism among humanity, which would place it at close to 10 000 B.C. with neanderthal burial rituals.

  3. There are so many creations around us which we are not aware of. One such is Jinns. Shaitan (devil) is a jinn. Some men who have evil desires make friendship with these jinns (how to do it is a mystery) and by nature these jinns have some powers which man doesn’t have. Using these jinns with their power, some evil hearted men make business. They make black magic and do harm for others. Still the Belief in the Almighty Allah will overcome anything in this world.

  4. Black magick originated when Paganism and Witchcraft were the religions of the time.
    Spell casting does not mean that you are practicing dark magick. The world around us Is full Of Light and Dark. Some human beings make the active choice to take magick to a dark place, So it pretty much boils down to the intent and heart of the practitioner.


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