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How did Bella's Mind created the illusion the she wanted like Edward's Voices?

In New Moon, Bella said that it was a dubious gift from her subconscious mind, how did her mind do that..maybe its really true that her mind is really different from the other human


  1. she went through such an amount of emotional pain when edward left! -i cry every time i read it ;(- but she promised him she wouldnt do anything reckless!!! so when she done something reckless she could here his voice trying to stop her! her mind is different from others .

  2. It is simply Bella’s memory. Because he was always worried about her, she could remember him better when he was angry/worried about her, which is why she was reckless in her behaviour, to prompt his voice. She suffered so much emotional pain it was her only salvation. It isn’t specifically Bella’s mind, but her emotions.

  3. Its called hallucinations. Its like .. a mirage in the desert. Your mind wants something sssssssssoooooooooo bad it will give in.

  4. Well, if you read further on…
    Option 3: Edward loved me.
    From page 527
    But still her mind did give her those voices. I don’t think it’s something anyone will really understand. I mean, how did he/she know about getting Jacob angry BEFORE she knew he was a werewolf? There are a few loose ends with the voices thing. I still love the series though.

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