• If I’ve got it right, I think he came to other’s attention before relativity by explaining the photo-electric effect. No need to go into details here, but I think it was an “Aha!” moment for many physicists.

    If you looked up the “photo-electric effect”, you might find links to the paper he published. And I think that would get you to the moment that he first caught scientists attention.

  • He had all these theorys and the greatist scintists kept rejecting his theorys but they experimented with his theorys and the theorys proved correct. Also he discoverd that if an atom is split then it explodes. I think what made him so famous is that he was an underdog and people love to vote for the underdog. He was a school dropout.

  • Because of nuclear fusion and fission. Hence the birth of nuclear power. He also introduced the theory of Relativity.

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