Home Discussion Forum How did Aang enter the avatar state without unblocking his seventh chakra?

How did Aang enter the avatar state without unblocking his seventh chakra?

Coz he never learnt that did he?


  1. im not sure cuz i saw this lyk 2 years ago when me bro was watchin it, but im pretty sure a really big island turtle thing touched his head or somthin then he realised somthin nd then he had a fight wib the fire dude nd blew shit up then he turned him into stone, look it up on youtube

  2. I haven’t watched it in a while, but from what I remember I think he did learn it he just didn’t want to give up Katara. When he finally realized that Katara could take care of herself and that he may or may not have a chance with her anyway he was free to sacrifice himself to the cause and then he was able to release the avatar state…and yeah, I think the giant turtle helped him realize all this. Everyone needs a guru. 😛

  3. I’ve watched the final epic battle and you know the burn in the back of Aang caused by Azula or Zuko (I’m not sure) when they are battling at the Ba Sing Se,the back of Aang was hitted by a rock when he was thrown by ozai and i think the it opened the seventh chakra causing him to go avatar state.

  4. mae is right
    the gates are kind of like blood veins where if there is one block nothing can get through but for this when he was struck by lightning the “vein” closed itself( sort of lie ur fist how u can close them and when u touch electricity they close themselves which is why u cant let go of an electric fence) but when he hit his back on the rock it was kind of like acupunture( relaxing with the pins in you) and it opened the “clot” allowing him to complete the training he was doing with that old guy to control the avatar state

  5. He did, at the end of book 2 episode 20. Before Azula shot him and he realized there were to many dai lee agents to fight. He made a little sheild of crystals and opened the final chakra and went into the Avatar State.


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