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How did 400 psychics and clairvoyants fail to find the body of Sarah Spiers?

In this news article the father of Sarah Spiers, a young woman who was believed to be murdered by a serial killer describes how he got calls from 400 psychics trying to help him locate the body of is daughter.
How is it with all that help she still hasn’t been found?
Well Jane any psychic worth his salt would know it was an alien abduction, eh?
Joking also 🙂
Since Sylvia Browne has been mentioned I will post this link about her.

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  1. The simplest explanation is usually correct. For this leaves me with one conclusion, alien abduction?
    EDIT: My God, it was a joke people!

  2. Well, it’s because the majority of “psychics” are just wannabes; the ones that really have the gift are few.

  3. That is really much easier to answer than it sounds.
    1. Either the father is culpable in his daughter’s disappearance
    2. The body has been repeatedly moved
    Absolutely serious. I’ve worked a case like this.
    It requires no further explanation than that. Sorry if you’re looking to wag your finger go right freaking ahead, it won’t bring her back and the old man will still be depressed. Those are the facts.
    Edited to add:
    I worked a case like this last year where the victim wasn’t a victim, he was a runaway. Nobody could find him but he was often seen where they were told to look for him. This was just one instance. Normally people only turn to psychics as a last choice, it would be my first choice because I have no as in zero confidence that the FBI/CIA or FOP can find someone that is missing with out a clue before a psychic.

  4. Because no one can do what the frauds say they can, Psychic, clair voiyants, fortune tellers, or what ever are crackpots and liars.

  5. A great deal of “psychics” are too self-absorbed and caught up in their fantasy world to see the real pain they cause people who actually believe them. A perfect example of this is Sylvia Browne.
    MYCROFT: The only options in your mind are (1) her dad killed her or (2) someone has been repeatedly moving a dead girl’s remains for 12 years? That’s pathetic. I feel pity for you.

  6. There is absolutely no evidence that ‘psychic powers’ exist – they fail every test. Psychics make many claims and can even put on a fairly good show of being able to contact the dead – unfortunately it can all be reproduced – often more spectacularly – by professional stage magicians.
    If anyone can demonstrate psychic powers there are a number of cash awards available – most notably the James Randi one million dollar prize – none of these rewards have ever been claimed – instead psychics will prey on the gullible and vulnerable – easy money. Note that in the UK anyone offering these services must, by law, now advertise them as ‘For Entertainment Only’ – says a lot don’t it
    Check out ‘cold reading’ and the JREF education forums

  7. At least he was smart enough not to do any business with them.
    I can’t believe the amount of harassment he went through.
    Not only from the fraudulent psychics, but from the public as well.
    Con artists have the ability to read people just like the psychics.

  8. Hiya Jonquill,
    That’s a pretty grim story and ugly too. Of the 400 I guess some were deluded and the rest were the lowest form of human life. To impose themselves into a real tragedy for their own motives is revolting. Too many people like to believe in psychics and get fleeced of their money. There are frequent stories in the UK of lonely pensioners losing their life savings to these parasites.
    If there was a single good psychic on the planet families could find some closure when kids go missing. The harsh fact that they don’t is evidence enough for me that psychics don’t exist. There are some that are a bit of fun, but the rest are calculating, manipulative and amoral.

  9. Yes, there are alot of wannabes, but there are real psychics (who are no different from anyone else other than that they have developed their intuition more than others).
    Randi (the skeptic) has actually not handed over the money he promised even when people have proven their ability in accepted circumstances.
    I won’t comment on other psychics, but the truth is that the police usually will not take a psychic’s information as a serious part of their investigation as it cannot usually be used in court against the offender. Even when the individual officers on the case know the information is correct, they will not often use it.
    So the general public will not know about their input, except if the psychic has actually been hired by the police (as has happened also).


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