Home Discussion Forum How dare governments make dimethyltryptamine illegal! How is this ethical?

How dare governments make dimethyltryptamine illegal! How is this ethical?

How is a naturally occurring substance (your pineal gland makes DMT every night when you sleep, it is theorized that it’s what causes dreams), which just happens to be the most potent psychedelic in the world, just brushed off and made illegal,lumping it into the infamous “drugs” category with heroine and cocaine? South American indigenous people have been using teas(“Ayahuasca”) brewed from DMT containing plants for ages as a spiritual and religious ritual, and tourists from all over the world go to South Americans countries as “Ayahuasca tourists” to experience spiritual enlightenment and emotional healing which comes with the Ayahuasca trip. Will dreaming eventually be outlawed as well?
***fun fact: Early reports of DMT use by Christian missionaries showed that they found it’s effects “Demonic”


  1. Personally I think they should make all drugs legal and just put taxes on them.The more you try to limit people, the more they’re going to resist.

  2. Another fun fact:
    Psisocybin mushrooms were also used by the Aztecs with the help of an expert guide. We might think of that guide as a witch doctor, but really s/he was a psychotherapist, spiritual leader, hypnotist, and the closest thing to an actual medical doctor for miles around. Anyway, when the Christian missionaries tried to explain the importance of Communion to them, calling it a connection with God yadda yadda yadda, the primitive people replied, “We already have that, and ours is better.” They’d been calling it teónanácatl, literally “god mushroom,” for as long as they could remember long before the frustrated Christians showed up.
    And so I think the stigma against psychedelics is mainly a misunderstanding. They have remarkable value when treated with respect and surrounded by knowledge. They are the BEST form of therapy for most psychiatric patients. When the ban on LSD research was lifted last year, I was elated. Still, I can see why they’re illegal. The vast majority of users are not responsible enough, and the bad news is the only kind you see in headlines. People who consider themselves Libertarian enough to say they’re entitled to try, well, then they should also feel entitled to break the law in order to do so. The ban is preventing many of the weak-minded from getting in over their heads, and for that reason I support it. Even NORML makes me nervous. America isn’t ready for legalization. We’d blow our minds.
    DMT is the only drug I really wish I could have tried before swearing them all off. I’d love to have a divine being pour cosmic knowledge into my head for a while. But no, I’ve seen too many close friends burn themselves out into something subhuman. Back in the day, psychedelics were my forte, but I was the only one I knew with a good enough head to handle them. Now I’ve seen too much.

  3. I watched this thing about psychedelics on tv and it said how many people during the “hippie movement” got to be like that from the psychedelics. People were rioting more for peace like ideas and people were beginning to just stop working and… the government didn’t like this so they outlawed all psychedelics.
    The government wants people who are going to work, and make the country better. Now today, I don’t know if that stuff would all happen again, but I think their too afraid to see it happen. The government wants people to work for them, and not question what they’re told. They want to have control over their country. These drugs cause people to question what is right or wrong or truth. It puts life into perspective. The government doesn’t care about our happiness they just care about getting the most work out of us as possible.
    Not saying that I don’t support the use of these drugs. DMT can have life changing effects, and really I so wish that these drugs were legal so that all the negative crap you hear in the media could be ruled out. I think everyone in life just try, one time, DMT/ LSD, and when they find the one you love, try mdma with that loved one.


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