How dangerous is the surgery to remove a tumor from your pituitary gland?





Cushing’s Disease


  1. Cushing’s disease tumors tend to be soft and gooey. Thus you need to have a very experienced surgeon as they are, of the pituitary tumors, probably mos difficult to remove. It can vary on case of course. Get a very experienced surgeon – it reduces complications.
    The surgery is typically done today by going up via a nostril and using a microscope (not a good) or an endoscope (best) and them removing the tumor. Their head will have been stabilized in a halo during the surgery. Depending on the surgeon, some will use packing, some will not – and restrictions after surgery will depend.
    Even though the person may not look like they may not have had a major surgery, they did. There are hormones to manage and it is important. As well, there is surgical recovery and hormonal recovery. Surgical recovery is faster, but hormonal recovery can take a lot longer. Weaning off replacement corticosteroids can be painful.

  2. My ex boyfriend had a tumor in his pituitary gland. I’m assuming it’s very dangerous, but they removed it when he was 6. He was fine besides partial blindness in his right eye. He also grew to be extremely tall and was required to take testosterone pills and serotonin.
    He did not have Cushing’s disease, though, just a tumor.

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