Home Discussion Forum How could I paint my face like a witch for halloween?

How could I paint my face like a witch for halloween?

Okay. For Halloween I have a scream outfit. But I’m going to paint my face like a witch. Have any ideas how to paint it?
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  1. go to a party store and go into mask isle
    from there look at the paint and get all the dark colors
    dont use black because it wont look good
    use like a gray silver which would be really cool with some green paint over it lightly

  2. carefully. use a base that will prevent the paint from burning your face.
    Have a friend who is a pharmacist or doctor? Show them the paint container to determine if any of the contents will hurt you.
    Wife painted her face years ago….2nd degree burns !!!

  3. okay i face paint allll the time its easyy.
    go to party citty and get a facepaint kitt
    if u wnna be scary:
    do a green basecoat and then do a black dot for a wart lmaoo make your lips redd w. lipstick or u can even do it with the paint. make your eyebrows black if they arent already and u can even make a unibrow
    if u wanna be sexy:
    do your make up black liquid eyeline and black or grey bottom waterline. purple eyeshadow and blush. pink or deep red lips and fake eyelash’s do a spider on your cheek w. black facepaint
    hope this helped!


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