How could I get into Yoga when I have such trouble following through?

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I really want to get into yoga, and I’ve tried a few times. My mom is really into is so she has all the things I need for it. The only thing is, I’ve always had severe difficulty sticking to one thing for longer than a session.
How can I get into serious yoga without losing my initiative?

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You have to make time for yourself. On the weekends, do your yoga practice for however long it takes. Maybe you could do it with your mom. Anything is better with friends and family.


WOW my mom has the same problem.Just remmber it was your choice and you set the goal.Think about how you will feel if you do last the whole time.


Maybe you need to try a different kind.
When and where do you practice? If you got a benefit out of it then you’d want to do it, so the only thing you need to do is find the time.
If you are not getting much from it then maybe that’s why you don’t have a great desire to keep it up. Do you get anything from it or are you just going through the motions ?


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