How could i activate my Root/Base Chakra?

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i have a few techniques that don’t seem to be working…its not that i can’t feel it at times, its just that its too powerful for me to handle…i used to be fine, until my near death experience! i have problems with my Solar Plexus…since thats the case, i get overwhelmed easily when closing my lower door! HELP

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Liberal AssKicker

Hustler is a favorite chakra shocker.

Teapot Believer

rm chakra*


A couple of techniques I’ve heard over the years:
– Lie down and place a red or black gemstone over the root chakra area. Meditate, picturing a red light coming from the chakra, getting brighter.
– Visualize the root chakra as a closed flower of 4 petals. Visualize the petals opening up, which opens up the chakra with it.
>>i have problems with my Solar Plexus
Then maybe you want to look into your Solar Plexus chakra instead?

Rev. TomCat

Have you tried meditation. There are some good You Tube videos that can help you open all your chakras. Hold Obsidian while meditating may be a way. It is good for grounding and represents the base root charkra as I know it to be.
Rev. TomCat


You could try Kundalini yoga or Chi Gong

Stealth Redhead

To activate your base chakra, jump off a high ledge or press crouch and jump at the same time. To increase and decrease your chakra, press Y and N respectively.

Rev. Lynn D.

Use everything red. Red undies, red clothing, red sheets, furniture, food and drink.
Physical exercise and restful sleeps, gardening, pottery and clay. Red gemstones, bathing in red, etc. Using red oils such as ylang ylang or sandalwood essential oils.


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