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How could God let this happen?

I’m religous. I’ve been Christian my whole life. I had a spiritual awakening in July. But there’s still ONE thing that I don’t have an answer that bothers me more than anything in the world.
Why does God let horrible stuff happen, murder, rape…
My gf being avducted when she was in the 3rd grade, her parents thinking she just ran away, she had been molested… she never told them… her whole life is RUINED because of it..
Her mom never would have started drinking excessively… so she wouldn’t beat her daughter.. or beat on her self-esteem.
I have multiple friends who go through stuff just as bad if not worse. WHY does it happen? From a Christian point of view… She’s not Christian but.. I don’t think God would punish a non-Christian until Hell.
And honestly.. after what me and my friends have been through in our (well some of us up to 19 years of life but im only at 15, my gf at 14) We think Hell IS Earth with how bad the majority of humanity is. I mean, I know better.. And that fucking scares me excuse my language… Because Hell is even worse..
My point is.. From NO religous perspective do i see how anyone could suffer like that after having been good. WHY?
That pisses me off we have non-christians (I’m scared to say atheists) trolling the religion and spirituality questions… That’s not where I want to get my answers from…


  1. The world is a horrible place because of religions. End of story. If you don’t know what I mean I suggest you research your religion a little more before believing the religious dogma that’s been spoon fed to you since birth.
    Edit: Oh, you poor baby! Scared of people that use their brains, are you? Do try to think once in a while, maybe it will do you some good. We do not need another religious fanatic in this f*cked up world.

  2. Look up the “problem of evil.” People have been thinking about this since Epicurus and some theists have come up with pretty good answers. I’m an atheist so I can’t give you an un-biased answer really.
    “That pisses me off we have non-christians (I’m scared to say atheists) trolling the religion and spirituality questions… That’s not where I want to get my answers from…”
    Christians aren’t the only people that have an interest in religion, deal with it.

  3. 1- Hell doesn’t exist
    2- God does not punish
    3- You can’t blame god for your problems, it’s up to you and you only to work on fixing them, this is how life goes.

  4. What happened to your girl friend is horrible.
    there is no right or wrong answer for this
    because its not really god making the decisions for all people. GOD gave us freewill which mean we make our own decisions. So in result there are bad people out there, that want to hurt good people.

  5. Have we done God any favours, so that he is obliged to return them?
    Is being ‘good’ (whatever that means) something meritorious, as opposed to doing what we ought to do?
    Can we expect perks for doing what we ought to do?
    Could God just not have left us to stew in our own juice of sinfulness (in which case Earth really would be hell – for absolutely everyone)?
    Is not the miracle of grace that God loves us so much, he sent his only Son to become one of us (but without sin) so that he could bear the punishment for sin that we all deserve? And, having accomplished all that is necessary to save us from hell, to simply ask us to put faith in that provision?
    Until we grasp the enormity of what God has already done, in Christ, and respond to that in faith, we will never cope with the horrific consequenses of sinners rebelling against God in this life. If we cannot trust God to deal with sin his way, we will be easy pickings for the deceiver who is out to make us doubt God’s goodness. Consider Christ and keep your eyes fixed on him because he is the author and perfector of faith.

  6. If you keep on questioning your religion critically like this, the religion will die off like a bad tumor. Keeping your faith is all about suspension of reality.
    Check this site out but be warned of the possibility of loosing your faith but gaining enlightenment!

  7. If I had a penny for every time I heard that question I would be the richest person who ever lived in the history of the earth.
    But really, the best way to answer this very sensitive question (that I truly can sympathize with) is by saying that God doesn’t necessarily “let” things happen; it’s more in the sense that people have “chosen” to do these things to other people.
    There are times God intervenes and stops terrible things from happening but some terrible things must happen for a purpose. And under his omniscient sight upon the world, He knows why these things must happen but we must pray for the strength to get through these things. That’s what is most important of all. Getting through them…even though the punctured wounds and scars are all too visible, we are still standing and in the end, we will receive our just reward for the suffering we endure.
    But dude, I feel your pain and I feel your concern and I wish you the best of luck and hope that you and the people you’re related with find the strength to live on.
    Besides, God never promised the world would be fair…but he did promise justice after death. Hope this sheds some light and I wish you the best of luck.

  8. Here is the answer that you want…
    God Created a beautiful world and it went out of his control and humans
    ruined it and turned into hell..
    I am an Atheist sorry…

  9. Jesus Christ looking at your other questions it’s hard to take you serious.
    What to eat when going on a date to the movies?
    I’m going on a date to the movies, I know I’ll kiss the girl but i don’t know if i’ll make out with her. (make out=tounging=frenching) I heard I should eat junior mints.. no popcorn.. btw I have braces.. If I take breath mints? If I don’t take breath mints?
    We’ve been together since… Monday or Tuesday night and she’s told me I could feel her up..
    So it’s not ‘on the off chance’ it’ll happen if I want it to, and I’m sure she’ll want it to too, or at the least, she’s fine with it..

  10. God did not plan for mankind to suffer and die. He created Adam and Eve to live forever in the paradise earth. Adam challenged God’s right to make decisions for him. He did not want God to rule over him. Adam thought he could do a better job. This was a serious matter. It brought up the question of whether Jehovah God had the right to rule mankind. Jehovah could have just killed Adam and Eve but he decided to let them try to rule by themselves. People had to know that they could not rule without God. Jehovah took his protection away from Adam and all mankind. Adam and Eve suffered, got sick and died. They passed this death sentence on to all humans. Soon God will take back rule of the earth from mankind and from Satan. He will restore the earth to the paradise he wanted it to be in the first place. Then there will be no more sickness pain or death. Rev 21:4. All those who have suffered and died will be rewarded with eternal life on the paradise earth if they follow Jehovah’s laws. Jehovah will more than make it up to all who have suffered now. Never again will mankind be able to say they can rule better. The right to rule over mankind will be settled once and for all time. http://www.watchtower. org

  11. As to the specifics you describe, I cannot answer, but in general the Bible provides a true, satisfying answer, and please know there is not much longer left that we have to suffer.
    Chapter 11 of the publication “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” deals with the question “Why Does God Allow Suffering?”
    That chapter helps us answer such questions as:
    Has God caused the suffering in the world?
    What issue was raised in the garden of Eden?
    How will God undo the effects of human suffering?
    It points out the answers to these questions straight from the Bible.

  12. Well, that’s pretty awful what you gf has gone through, but that’s why we need to get support from each other. Friends and family offer emotional support, as well as professionals if necessary, and law enforcement should work to bring the guilty to justice.
    There is no sign of any god, so the events that happen on Earth are either nature following its course, or people making choices. If they make harmful choices, it’s up to us as a society to try to stop that happening and to deal with any harm done. I do pity people who are scared of hell which is, after all, a fictional place. There is a great comfort to be had in human nature, and the vast majority of people are essentially good. You just need to tap into that.
    “non-christians (I’m scared to say atheists) trolling the religion and spirituality questions”
    That’s because this is an open forum for all people, for the purpose of discussing the subject. It would be quite wrong to segregate people based on belief or any other aspect of them, as this isn’t a private club for Christians but a Q&A discussion forum where anyone can participate as long as they stick to the subject. So anyone discussing religion or spirituality is welcome here, and you shouldn’t try to prevent that.
    Y!A categorises all its sections by subject, not by participant, and R&S is no exception. If you need a private forum only for believers in your religion, this isn’t it.

  13. “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” – C.S. Lewis
    I don’t know exactly why God let this happen. But I know that it will work out for good as crazy as that sounds.
    “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,[a] who[b] have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28
    This article seem to have good insight. http://www.christianity.co.nz/suffer8.htm
    Pain hurts. Suffering is horrible. But through it we can come closer to God.
    At all periods of history, when the Christian church was persecuted, Christians became stronger, and Christianity spread. Persecution is different than this type of suffering, but the result can still be the same.
    It brings you to your knees and makes you trust in Christ because any delusion that you have any hope of doing it yourself cannot survive through that. When that delusion is removed, you have no choice but to increase in faith.
    Look at the lyrics in the song “Jesus Bring the Rain” by Mercy Me.
    And I know there’ll be days
    When this life brings me pain
    But if that’s what it takes to praise You
    Jesus, bring the rain
    That’s what I mean.
    Not that the evil that caused the suffering is good, not at all, it is horrible and disgusting and revolting. But God will use that for a greater good.
    Did you ever notice that those who have suffered the most have the greatest faith?


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