Home Discussion Forum How could Americans be so dumb that they believe in psychics?

How could Americans be so dumb that they believe in psychics?

As an Atheist, I could hardly believe that despite our achievement in science and technology, we still believe in this crap. You would expect to see psychics in 3rd world countries where shamans rule the villages, not in America.


  1. I thought most atheists don’t usually have much bad to say about harmless beliefs.
    I’m pretty open minded about the idea of psychics in general, but if any “psychic” ever asked me to pay money for their services, that would be a red flag to me right there that, at the very least, the individual might be a fake.

  2. I don’t know why you single out Americans? There are plenty of people in all of the European countries that ask “psychics” what will happen or what is the best way to handle a problem.

  3. Oh Yes wonderful achievements in science and technology, look at the state of the world that man is slowly destroying, look at the health of people sicker and sicker because, look how animals are raised and abused because of science and technology, look how stressed depressed and debt ridden people are trying to keep up with modern technology. What harm has a village shaman ever done to the world – GROW UP
    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx

  4. Your “achievements in science and technology” mean nothing. We’re still human and we are still under the power of the universe, and nothing that Steve Jobs comes up with will ever change that.
    I can’t believe that there are still people who refuse to believe in anything that they themselves can’t understand. How many times do those 3rd world citizens have to say it; just because you’re rich, white, and formally educated, doesn’t mean that you know everything. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised; it’s human nature to despise the mysterious.


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