HomeDiscussion Forumhow could a tachyon communications system work?

how could a tachyon communications system work?


  1. same as any other communication system works.
    the transmitter sends signals the receiver interprets. it works as easy as a 2 way radio or a telephone.
    it just is way faster than normal communications. you would be able to talk instantly to people in other galaxies, if they have built compatible equipment.
    if there was a network of tachyon transceivers through out the known universe, perhaps the signals could be used to triangulate probable locations of wormholes connected by black holes so as to travel back in time to different places to build the network of tachyon transceivers that would one day be used to help perfect time-travel.

  2. Tachyons do not carry information (unless you want to endure the wrath of SR), and there is no evidence that they actually exist, so I’d say it couldn’t work based on any current knowledge.

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