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How common is it for psychiatrists and patients to have sex with each other?

He looks like my ex, which we’ve been talking about recently. I’ve been aware of my transference for awhile, but I think he’s showing some signs of counter-transference. He did say that there are “very few situations in which it’s a good idea for a psychiatrist and patient to f…sleep together.” (He started to say f…) That left me wondering when and why he thinks there are instances when it’s a good idea.


  1. That seems like a bad idea. You probably should be suspicious of a medical authority who is using his authority to get into somebody’s pants. That seems like a bit of a predatory thing for him to do.

  2. Actually my psychology teacher was telling us about this and he told us that its very common for a patient to become very attached to the psychiatrist. I don’t know how much this actually happens but it’s very unprofessional for the psychiatrist because he is not supposed to change the relationship from psychiatrist-patient to partner or whatever you want to call it.


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