Home Discussion Forum how come you never hear about children and young teenagers astral projecting?

how come you never hear about children and young teenagers astral projecting?

aren’t they supposed to be more spirtually pure than adults?


  1. In our generations, teenagers are way different than adults. I cannot judge, but I would rather say my opinion, they are more wild than the adults.

  2. do they know they are doing it? do they have someone to talk to about doing it? one of my friends took her 12 year old son through the steps. if you travel in those groups you would seem to hear of it. on the spiritually pure thing, not all to true.

  3. Simply because some children can’t communicate what happen to them and most children wake up in their own bed so to them it was just another dream.. and when the grow up many of them still think that it was just a child hood dream….

  4. We do hear about them all the time. But, most kids are told they have overactive imaginations and its knocked out of them. Trained out of doing such things, all unique creativity is discouraged in favor of a belief in giant invisible magic beings called gods. After a while anything like astral projection is ignored or put down to a bad dream. It’s such a shame. OBE’s have actually been proved as genuine, and they are repeatable in the lab.
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks

  5. Because they have not acquired that same level of knowledge that adults have. Adults have more experience behind them & have had more time to learn. Kids & teens usually have not yet been through spiritual transformations & experienced spiritual awakenings etc. Their minds are more fixated upon mundane material things. Adults have a deeper level of understanding & kids still have much to learn.
    Your average kid or teenager knows practically nothing about OBEs, internal energy, meditation etc. They do not bother to read much or do any in-depth studying. They just think AP is cool but they fail to understand it properly & don’t take it seriously enough & don’t commit to it. They still have this idea that it’s like your soul comes out of your body & goes floating around the world. Which is completely inaccurate.
    When practicing AP, far more comes into play than just the technique utilized. It’s more so about what’s going on internally & achieving a certain state of mind. A spiritually awakened person with a deep understanding of life that has studied AP & many other related topics in great depth & practices AP regularly along with meditation, qigong & so forth, will have a far easier time projecting then some teenager who decides to give it a go one night cuz he/she thinks it’s cool.
    I don’t mean to be offensive here but the bottom line is they are simply uneducated & inexperienced. I’ve seen a lot of questions asked about AP by high school kids & I can tell automatically they have an extremely small chance of projecting until they get more older & wiser. Not a great deal older though, I’m only 23 myself & project regularly.
    Also as others have said young people may sometimes have OBEs but they are too inexperienced to realize what is happening & just brush it off as a dream. Particularly if materialistically minded people around them are molding their worldview & conditioning them into limited beliefs, then they will think nothing more of it.
    As this new age dawns upon us more awareness is being realized & people are waking up. The children of today & tomorrow are becoming more aware & awakened than the children of yesterday, due to the rising vibrational frequency of mother Earth itself which affects all those living here (2012 = shift in consciousness, not the end of the world!). This gives the newcomers more potential right from the get go than the older folks had at their age. Will this automatically mean kids can do more ‘paranormal’ things than adults? No, not at all. The potential is there for everyone, it is up to you to utilize it.


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