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How come some people who believe in "God" and "creationism" don't believe in Qi (chi)?

Not that they’re ALL like that… but seriously, if you’re going to believe in a single being that created the universe and everything else, why is it so hard to believe that internal energy exists? It’s scientifically proven.
Seriously, closed minded monotheists are wierd.


  1. a lot of we’ll call them religious fanaticals are very very very closed minded they live in a box and wont go out of it for any reason. I am probably more monotheistic than polytheistic and i guess i believe in the “western” christian view of jesus but i am certainly ready to learn more and open minded enough to listen to what people say and if it makes more sense than what the bible says then by all means im going to believe it.

  2. Most have probably never heard of ki or chi, and if they have, don’t really understand what it is. Also, they may equate it with belief in Buddhism or some eastern religion. You can try to explain that essentially it is the focused power of one’s spirit or life force, which flows from the Great Spirit (God).

  3. It’s not that MOST of us monotheists don’t believe it DOESN’T exist. We are instructed by our Bible to stay away from practices like that, such as divination, witchcraft and the like. And to look to God for our source of “energy”. Yours comes from within you…fine. We as Christians are instructed to find ours within God.
    Your philosophy has its teachings which you udoubtedly follow. Christianity has teachings we are instructed to follow for a healthy, Christian life.
    You have yours, we have ours. Fair enough?

  4. It”s all about FAITH. If you believe and live your life as though you we”re being watched every moment and will be rewarded for the good things you do, your in.

  5. I believe in the Qi and stuff, but what I hate most is that people are sooo close minded to satanic beliefs ( NO NOT SATANISM that’s evil). The beleifs are good, there basically the same thing as what the bible says, the only diff is well its more centered on you and the people you care about.
    For example, those who love you and are deserving of your love, you show tem love.
    but so yeah…

  6. Everyone who believes in God and creationism believes in internal energy – thats what we call a spirit!
    But, how is it scientifically proven any more than God Himself is proven?
    lw4h -nothing that includes the name “satan” is good – it is just the deception he wants you to fall for. A satanist can do good deeds, but good deeds wont get you to heaven. Satan can recite scripture, and does it to lead people away from God. Satan knows how to be good and can make you think he is good- because if you thought he was bad you wouldnt follow him- so he devises all kinds of tricks, and it obviously works because people seem to overlook who it is they are worshipping!

  7. Because they are irrational.
    It’s sort of funny – it’s like watching someone who believes in batboy cry that bigfoot doesn’t exist and that it’s a silly concept.


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