How come psychics/mediums on tv have powers?

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but never seem to have any powers when they take part in scientific studies?

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because they don’t have powers


Because they are faking it all just to get money.


because on tv, you can edit out reality. In real life, reality exists.
And plus the people who you see on tv, the ones who are being “read”, those people are so desperate for a connection that they fail to say the bullcrap that the “psychics” spew out. Look up cold reading-it’s a method that most liars use.


I believe they call those powers on tv psychic “Special Effects”
Jedi Knights don’t really have light sabers either.


who knows just remember for every legit there is a dozen frauds


because they are frauds, money grubbers profiting off the sufferings of others. Television is easily faked, obviously


They have the amazing power of making money knowing that someone will believe them and give them money.


In fact many psychics and mediums have performed well (meaning statistically significant beyond chance which is the requirement of science) in scientific studies.
However, most psi research is conducted with the general population not selected subjects based on high psi performance so there is less research of mediums and psychics in general.
Other possibilities are of course some are frauds and as in any other human ability it might take a series of testing/experimenting situations to see positive results.
I have provided you links and sources below if you wish to educate yourself about the actual scientific research by qualified scientist concerning psi phenomena.


What Jon Edwards does is called “cold reading.” If you ask enough questions in a general enough way (and exclude the ones you got wrong by moving on quickly) you can make it look like you’re reading a person’s mind or communicating with the spirit of a dead relative. In reality, all the “psychic” is doing is telling the questioners what they want to hear. It’s a skill that can be learned, taught and developed. Why you’d want to fool people that way is another question, a question of ethics.


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