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How come it was cool for Buddha to leave his family and pursue enlightenment?

I’ve been studying Buddhism for awhile, it seems cool accept for that part. Like, he had a wife and kid why was it okay for him to just leave them? He didn’t seem to check up on them or anything, did he even go back to teach them how to attain “enlightenment” or his teachings whatever
he’s cool though cause unlike “God” he encourages his followers to test his teachings that’s raw


  1. Buddha did return to the kingdom about 6 years after his enlightenment … and his son followed him and became the first novice monk at the age of 7 or 14 (it varies). He later became Arahant, highest level of Sainthood in Theravada teaching.
    His wife and step mother wanted to renounce to become nuns when Buddha returned, but were rejected. After Buddha left, their shaved their heads voluntarily and went after him. But were again rejected – twice. Buddha was concerned of the impact of females joining in the clergy. Buddha finally agreed after monk Ananda’s repeated requests. All of them became Arahant too. Many others from the royal family also followed Buddha, and became Arahant.
    Some say it didn’t matter because his family was well taken care of (I would question anyone who would suggest that money/wealth replaces a father figure).
    Some say his sacrifice (leaving his family to seek the wisdom that would alleviate the suffering of others) outweighed the heinousness of abandoning one’s family. Among the core teachings of Buddhism is to remove all attachments in order to remove all suffering – that includes possessive relationships.

  2. It is clear that he had great compassion, so his decisions were not selfish or unskilful.
    For one, he could see that they would both be extremely well cared for by the royal family.
    Secondly, both his wife and son were cared for by him and they achieved liberation under his care.
    It is easy to look at this part of his life and get angry and judge Buddhism, but people need to research more and consider the meaning and importance of the trainings much more carefully.
    His choices were exactly that, his choices. That includes the context of his decisions, and do not necessarily constitute advice that practitioners should abandon their family.
    In fact, we need to see the stages of Buddhas life as a teaching, seeing the truth of our predicament and not getting so caught up by objects of desire and a comfortable life to the detriment of our spiritual evolution.

  3. I think it was because his wife and child were really young. And he was planning on living very poorly which would have been difficult for his family (who were used to living in wealth) and also a distraction for him.
    Also, he was human. He wanted to seek enlightenment alone, without distractions, so he left. At least he made sure his family was well taken care of.
    I don’t mind honesty in religions. It’s much better than virgin birth, no girlfriend, no wife, no kids, no sex, mr. perfect descriptions of some religious icons.

  4. Buddha was sheltered by his father at an early and was not allowed to see the suffering in the world. When he took the trip outside the palace for the first time, he understood his own mortality. The question of what life was all about became a quest. He could no longer continue to live a “normal” life. So he left to find the answer to what would end suffering for him and others.

  5. prince sidhartha has been kept away from suffering by his father king as it has been predicted that he would leave the throne when he was born..so his father built 3 castles and gave him all the luxuries including maids,music,entertainment..all the sick,poor,elderly people was sent away from the kingdom so that he would not see any suffering..but when he saw old man,sick man,dead man and the ascetic ,he realized he has not seeing everything about life..unfortunately he was married at that time and wife was about to deliver the baby..he knew if he stayed more,he will never be able to find enlightment or realization so he left..his first words when he saw his son was ‘a bond was created,more attachments to the world’


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