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How come everyone ignores 2012, are there clues that hint about events that will happen in 2012?

I don’t think that it’s going to be the end of the world. However I think its going to be a spiritual awakening for mankind. Just think, what happens in 2012…..? Oh ! OBAMA’s 4 years are up oh that’s it. I would like to hear your thoughts on clues you see today that foreshadow what will happen in the future.


  1. Ha, America will start to rebuild in 2012, unless Obama is re elected hahahaha. I mean look at what a good job he’s done so far? I don’t really care if you’re a dem or not, but when you think what has he done so far to save America? Well he printed more money that should help right? Oh wait, maybe next time he should get some gold to back it up?

  2. There are many ldeas l suppose.
    1. WW3. Nuclear Warfare. By this time, there is probably going to be disputes about Obama’s Presidency, and how he’s not doing as he is intended to do. (Obama is doing a good job. l think he ls a great president, but ln the long run, there are going to be people who dlsagree, or people unsatisfied with hls presldency.) After his presidency, people maybe enraged at hlm, and eventually start wars, etc…
    2. Maybe before 12/21/2012, there had been a WW3, and people had come to realize, that war ls not the answer, and come to love each other. Religion may disappear, and people start practicing self awareness, and forget about religion all together.
    3. Global Warming? Maybe greenhouse gas emlsslon levels ln the atmosphere rlse, and polar lcecaps start to melt, thus ralslng sea levels, and extlnctlon of some specles that are not sultable to survlve ln these extremely hot condltlons.
    4. Global Domlnatlon. The “Perfect World” ldeologlsts.


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